Save-A-Cell Rescues Smartphones

Save-A-Cell Rescues SmartphonesSave-A-Cell, the wet phone rescue kit from Xceptional Marketing Solutions, is a great way for consumers to save their smartphones if they are submerged in water or splashed with any liquid. The product dries wet phones quickly, saving consumers money by recovering the use of their devices and preserving their data, such as contacts and photos. The product also can be used to dehumidify MP3 players, key fobs, cameras, watches and anything that will fit in the bag. Easy to use, one simply opens the container where the notches are, places a device inside and seals it like a snack bag.

“Save-A-Cell uses atomic adhesion technology, which can get phones 700 percent drier than household remedies.”

Bardi Toto

“Save-A-Cell uses atomic adhesion technology, which can get phones 700 percent drier than household remedies,” explains Bardi Toto, company owner. “This product is ideal for sale in a variety of retail stores, including electronics warehouses, convenience stores, truck stops and mobile phone kiosks. It is also a great seller at resorts, tourist locations and businesses that have water-based activities.”

Toto has seen very expensive electronic devices, including iPhones, get ruined from water or even small amounts of liquid. This is where her passion was born for this phone-saving device. ”Save-A-Cell is like carrying jumper cables in your car, and every consumer needs to have one before it is necessary,” she states.

Ordering highlights

Save-a-cell is easy to display on a retail shelf or pegboard. Packaging includes simple step-by-step instructions. Wholesale price is $9.95 or less, and is based on volume. With a minimum order of 50 units, the company offers pricing that can support distributorship. Retail is $19.95. Products ship from Los Angeles, CA, and usually have a seven-day lead time.

Where to buy:

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