Pennsylvania Town Promotes Local Businesses

buy local pennsylvaniaA rich Buy Local history anchors the Lancaster County, PA, region. Home to large Amish and Mennonite communities, the area is known for roadside stands where locals and tourists can purchase handcrafted, quality and unique goods. Those rural roadside stands represent one hub of the bustling Buy Local initiative that operates in Lancaster and across the country.

Downtown events stimulate business expands the Buy Local initiative from rural roadside stands to thriving city businesses. Once a month, five Lancaster County boroughs welcome guests to shop, eat and linger downtown. Jewelry, clothing and hardware stores as well as performing arts centers, museums and artisan shops stand open and ready to welcome neighbors.

Occurring monthly year round, the participating communities include:

  • Lancaster City: First Friday
  • Manheim: First Friday
  • Lititz: Second Friday
  • Ephrata: Third Friday
  • Mt. Joy: Fourth Friday

Always popular, these events attract patrons who appreciate the opportunity to help local businesses thrive. Community residents and tourists alike know that the local economy and infrastructure stand strong when local businesses thrive.

Buy Local patrons also appreciate the opportunity to buy quality and unique goods that are handcrafted, rather than mass-produced, and designed to last for years. Additionally, there is no better way to spend a Friday night than listening to neighbors play music, eating a homemade crepe or catching up on local news.

The Buy Local movement in Lancaster County is one of many nationwide programs that celebrate the uniqueness of local communities and the quality handcrafted goods that characterize local regions. Everyone who participates has a part in strengthening the economy and weaving community businesses and residents together. From Lancaster boroughs and rural roadsides to nationwide locales, Buy Local makes sense.