Infographic: 3 Reasons Loyalty Programs Grow Your Business

Customer loyalty marketing is crucial to driving sales for independent retailers, even more so than acquiring new business, according to new research by FiveStars. The company recently performed an analysis of 14 million store visits from more than one million customers, as well as the results of loyalty programs from over 2,000 businesses. Data show that loyal customers, those who visit stores at least ten times, account for about 20 percent of a company’s shoppers.Furthermore, that 20 percent drives 80 percent of a firm’s total revenue and comprises 72 percent of total visits to a business.

For more about the importance of loyal customers, comparisons with new customers and three reasons a loyalty program should be part of your business, check out the following infographic by FiveStars.


Fivestars: 3 Reasons Loyalty Programs Grow Your Business