Best Toys for Kids 2013

The American Specialty Toy and Retailing Association toy listIndependent retailers are stocking up for holiday sales, and toys for children are a big part of many merchants’ gift inventory. The Best Toys for Kids 2013, presented by The American Specialty Toy and Retailing Association (ASTRA), names toys that promote creative play, incorporate innovative design features and maintain exceptional safety standards. ASTRA’s list names the following 21 toys in 13 categories:


    • Active PlayRingStix Lite by RingStix-System Enterprises LLC. Each game, a variation of catch, contains four stix, each different colors. Children can play with multiple players or solo. For ages 6+ years, MSRP $14.99.
    • Y’all Ball by Joint Merchant. Bouncy, super soft, hand washable and safe, this ball comes in different sizes for open-ended fun. For ages 3+ years, MSRP $39.99.
    • Classic Play (0-7 years) Skwish Classic by Manhattan Toy. This classic wooden rattle introduces the concept of cause and effect while encouraging grasping and reaching skills. For ages 6 months to 1 year, MSRP $15.99.

Skwish Classic by Manhattan Toy.

    • Classic Play (8 years +) Original Spirograph Deluxe Kit by Kahootz Toys. This classic design kit features all the iconic wheels and rings of the original drawing toy re-engineered and updated for today. For ages 8+ years, MSRP $29.99.
    • Constructive PlayQ-BA-MAZE 2.0 Mega Stunt Set by MindWare. Children experiment to see what kind of zany, zigzagging action is possible with this innovative marble run. Pieces interlock in endless configurations. For 6+ years, MSRP $79.99.
  • Squigz by Fat Brain Toy Co. This set uses “suction construction” for hours of building fun. Play pieces stick to virtually any flat surface and leave behind no residue. For ages 3+ years, MSRP $24.99.
  • Creative Arts PlayPotholder PRO by Harrisville Designs. Kit includes sturdy metal loom, two hooks, illustrated instructions and enough cotton loops to make two eight-and-a-quarter-inch multicolored potholders in eight colors. For ages 3+ years, MSRP $29.99.
  • X-treme Sticker Maker Set by Faber-Castell USA Inc. High quality sticker maker set includes 40 feet of sticker tape, more than 80 sticker designs with features such as velvet and glitter, and a sticker book and markers. For ages 6+ years, MSRP $24.99.
  • Early Play (0-3 years)Green Toys Seaplane by Green Toys Inc.This buoyant yellow and green floatplane, made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastic milk jugs, features a spinning propeller and chunky, oversized pontoons perfect for floating in a bathtub or pool. For ages 1+ years, MSRP $19.99.
  • Early Play (0-3 years)Green Toys Seaplane by Green Toys Inc.

  • Tatoo Xylo Roller by Juratoys US Corp (JANOD).This wooden pull toy, painted in vivid colors, allows children to play the xylophone on the go. A mallet is included. For ages 18+ months, MSRP $39.99.
  • Game Play (3-7 years) Bunny Peek A Boo by Smart Toys and Games, Inc. This 3D puzzle of wooden blocks and fun rabbit characters allows children to develop spatial perception skills and to “pull a rabbit out of the box”. For ages 2-5 years, MSRP $24.99.
  • Zingo! Sight Words by ThinkFun, Inc. An interactive word game that brings fast-paced excitement and learning to the classic game of Bingo. For ages 3-7 years, MSRP $19.99.
  • Game Play (8+ years) Laser Maze by ThinkFun, Inc. Science and brain power direct a laser beam through a series of mind challenging mazes. For ages 8+ years, MSRP $29.99.
  • Timeline Diversity by Asmodee Editions. Children put their knowledge of historical events into action with this trivia game. Players take turns trying to order their cards in the correct timeline. For ages 8+ years, MSRP $14.99.
  • Just for Fun Curiosity Kits Pulsar Powerballs by The Orb Factory. Create five Pulsar Powerballs(TM) that bounce and soar. Includes one large and one small mold, two Pulsar Powerballs(TM) lights, eight bags of colorful crystals and instructions. For ages 6+ years, MSRP $14.99.
  • Super Magnetic Tidal Wave Thinking Putty by Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld. When stretched, molded, or shaped, the putty has no magnetic charge and in the presence of a magnet, the putty’s magnetic forces kick in. For ages 8+ years, MSRP $14.99.
  • Pretend (Doll Play) Calico Critters Supermarket by International Playthings. The set includes more than 100 pieces comprising fruits, vegetables, bread, fish, canned food, ice cream, shopping cart, check-out counter with cash register, display stands and much more. For ages 3+ years, MSRP $69.99.
  • Pretend (Fantasy Play) Rainbow Fairy Wings with Glitter by Douglas Cuddle Toy. Made of soft, silky fabric, these fanciful fairy wings are hand-painted in a rainbow of colors. For ages 3+ years, MSRP $17.99.
  • Pretend (Fantasy Play) Rainbow Fairy Wings with Glitter by Douglas Cuddle Toy

  • Pretend (Role Play) Cargo and Passenger Aircraft by PLAYMOBIL. Set includes five figures, a plane equipped with a sink and toilet, cargo container, an air traffic control tower with equipment and other accessories. For ages 3+ years, MSRP $109.99.
  • Scientific PlayAir-Stream Machines by Thames & Kosmos. Junior scientists can explore and experiment with air pressure and air flow with this new science kit, construct a batting machine, build a basketball launcher and more. Set includes 59 building pieces. For ages 8+ years, MSRP $69.99.
  • Snap Circuits SOUND by ELENCO Electronics. This easy-to-assemble electronic circuit board kit invites kids to build over 185 exciting sound projects including a voice changer. Connect to your smart phone and analyze sound with apps and more. For ages 8+ years, MSRP $84.99.

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