Premier Closeout Jewelry Offers Huge Profits

International Jewelry Designs Inc. (IJDI) ringsInternational Jewelry Designs Inc. (IJDI) supplies retailers with an array of top quality traditional, bridal and designer-inspired necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings and earrings, at both regular wholesale and closeout prices. The company also offers a collection of high-grade cubic zirconia pendants, earrings and rings, known as Aaron Lee Designs by IJDI. Coined, “The Look of Real,” the line is brass-based and plated with either a heavy genuine rhodium or 18k gold.

“We have been creating our own styles for 30 years,” notes Larry Goldberg, president. “They have the feel of famous designer jewelry, but are our original pieces. We gear our merchandise toward what consumers are looking for, and we are very aggressive with introducing new styles.” Because IJDI creates so many fresh fashions for each season, the firm sells certain styles at closeout prices to keep the inventory manageable. “Our closeouts offer a tremendous opportunity for customers to buy the same beautiful, high-quality jewelry at a minimum of 50 percent off of our regular wholesale prices,” Goldberg shares. IJDI’s closeouts offer merchants enormous profit margins of up to six times the wholesale cost.

Customized closeout ring assortments

IJDI’s ring assortments are very popular closeout sellers, Goldberg continues. “We do something quite unique, and our customers can pick six styles of rings from our closeout catalog. We give them a size run in each style, to create a 72-piece tray. Normally when people sell closeout rings it is at random, but we allow our customers to pick and choose from a large selection.” The firm’s 30-page closeout catalog, updated about once a month, depicts hundreds of discontinued jewelry pieces. It can be obtained via email or postal mail. “The main thing I stress with my customers is that a lot of people who are in the closeout business are buying distressed, junk merchandise and selling it cheap. We do not do that. Retailers are getting our top of the line, high quality jewelry at a fraction of the wholesale price.”

Reliable quality control

IJDI has extremely high standards for quality. International Jewelry Designs Inc. (IJDI) earrings“You will see it in our castings, plating finish, stones and stone settings,” Goldberg explains. “We expect nothing less than the best from our factories, and every item is vigorously inspected before it leaves our plant. Our jewelry is durable and will continue to look gorgeous for many years to come. That is our niche. People walk up to us at jewelry shows and they immediately see the difference between our merchandise and competitors’ products.”

IJDI has a minimum order of $750, and retailers can peruse the online catalog and create a wish list 24/7. The list is transmitted to the sales team, and the transaction is concluded by phone. An ecommerce site is currently in the works.

Where to buy:

International Jewelry Designs Inc.
6502 NW 16th Street
Plantation, FL 33313
Toll Free: 800-395-0527