Snapi® Serving Tool from KitchenHappy™

Snapi® Serving Tool from KitchenHappy™Independent retailers looking for a colorful impulse buy that makes a great gift should check out Snapi®, the single handed serving utensil from KitchenHappy™. This server, for pasta, vegetables, salads and more, allows users to snap up a large or small portion without having to put down their plates. “It is big fun at the family or buffet table,” says company COO, Sue Kinch. Dishwasher safe, the clamshell-like unit closes and locks for easy storage, so it will not get stuck as a drawer is opened.

Snapi is a combination of rigid and soft touch plastic, and was designed by Jack Elder, a plastic injection molder. Comprised of American-made components, the server is manufactured in Michigan. It is available in seven colors and can be custom printed for tourist and resort areas. Affordably priced, the unit retails for $7.95.

One satisfied retailer in Florida says, “Snapi is the best seller I have had in 15 years of business, and I am a high volume store. Our customers tell us that they make great hostess gifts, and people often buy several to have extras on hand.”

Innovative interactive counter display encourages sales

“Once people play with Snapi, they buy it because it is both practical and fun,” Kinch shares. To drive sales, KitchenHappy has designed a retail friendly interactive counter display that contains 36 units and a fake salad that people can snap up. To build awareness, KitchenHappy has done some national advertising, and recently started forming a nationwide sales force. “Sales are exploding,” Kinch reports. “July of 2013 was our largest sales month in history by far.” Furthermore, the company exhibits at several trade shows each year, and will be at the IGES/SSS in November, at booth #2307 in Sevierville, TN. “IGES has free goodie bags for the first 200 buyers who arrive at the show on opening day, and we have contributed 200 Snapis to add to the fun.”

Fasa Pasta from KitchenHappy™KitchenHappy also distributes Fasta Pasta®, the original microwave pasta cooker. “Users measure, cook and strain one to four servings of pasta all in one container. The Fasta Pasta perfectly cooks all types of pasta to al dente texture,” Kinch states. “There is no stirring and no boil over; users set it and forget it. Another really cool thing is that it includes a book of 50 recipes. After they cook the pasta, users put in the specified ingredients and get delicious Pad Thai or Fettuccine Alfredo. People love the cookbook.” Made in the USA, Fasta Pasta retails for $12.99.

Ordering highlights

Wholesale prices are based on quantity, but retailers can earn full keystone or better, Kinch notes. The minimum order is one counter display. With the Snapi, retailers can choose an assortment of four or seven colors. KitchenHappy’s consumer website offers in-depth product details, and wholesale buyers can register online, but they must call KitchenHappy to confirm their wholesale status prior to placing their first order.

Where to buy:

Tel.: 248-453-5177