5 Ways to Increase Impulse Buys This Holiday Season

By Cody Grandadam

5 Ways to Increase Impulse Buys This Holiday Season“Hello. May I help you?” “No, I am just looking…”

If you own or manage a store of any kind, those are words you have heard more than just a few times. Many customers today are just looking, and they often do not even know what they are looking for. It is a fact that is out of anyone’s control, other than the customer himself.

One thing a storeowner or manager can control, however, is the product the customer sees and the way the customer sees it. This is important all year long, and especially during the holiday selling 5 Ways to Increase Impulse Buys This Holiday Seasonseason. This is a time when shoppers are not just task orientated, but are looking for great gift ideas as well as accessories to complement gifts they have already bought. For this reason, it is critical that you position your place of business as a profit making, impulse sales machine this fourth quarter. Here are five steps you can take to increase your customers’ impulse buys throughout the next few months.

1. Offer a great value. During this season, people expect deep discounts and they are willing to buy when they get them. Keep items at the counter priced between $3 and $10, with a couple of more expensive items mixed in.

2. Showcase add-on items. This is a bonus that is attached to something the customer is already going to buy. Train your staff to recognize opportunities to upsell. For example, if the customer is purchasing a toy racecar, the salesperson can ask if they have the batteries, and point to them on the counter.

5 Ways to Increase Impulse Buys This Holiday Season

3. Attract their attention. Get your customers to touch, feel or try your products. If a shopper is motivated to pick up an item, chances are they will buy it. Color plays a big role, so place colorful, sparkly or fuzzy items at the counter.

4. Make it easy. Look for products that come pre-packed or are shipped in counter displays. You simply set them in place, and let the customer do the rest.

5. Buy from Independent Retailer supporters. Really. Do it. Often, especially during the holidays, companies and manufacturers will display deep discounts enticing customers to buy during that time. You can find great companies in Independent Retailer magazine offering popular products that will help you position yourself to become a profit making, impulse sales machine this fourth quarter.