You’ve Been Framed Licensed Sports Products

You've Been FramedYou’ve Been Framed is a new, turnkey concept in licensed sports and print on demand products. Available from iDNA for all college and professional teams, the cart and kiosk program includes framed jersey stitch, letter art, sports hangout and locker room prints. “We offer a complete, well thought out turnkey concept that offers four products that can be printed right on the spot. Personalization is huge right now, and these are great gifts that consumers love,” says David Bazzoni, president. “Our operators produce the same look and feel of a team jersey, but with the consumer’s chosen name on the back.” The locker room print showcases three to four jerseys, one of which is personalized with the customer’s chosen name. “If you are an Indianapolis Colts fan, you put the desired name on the jersey in the middle, between Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne,” Bazzoni explains. As for the jersey stitch print, “With the technology we have adopted, the stitch appears as an actual stitch,” he points out.

Inventory is virtual

Operators simply print out the personalized product and place it in the frame. “Operators like the fact that the You’ve Been Framed inventory is virtual, and that they do not have to stock all the different teams. They download and print a file in the computer. Merchants only stock two sizes of frames and paper. That is it. All they have to do is reorder frames and paper,” Bazzoni continues. Initial set-up includes printer, ink system, router/server and visual merchandise, which totals around $1,350. In addition, the minimum suggested opening order for virtual credits, frames and papers amounts to around $2,598. The You’ve Been Framed program includes visual merchandising designed to draw in the most people. It includes step-by-step video tutorials that show retailers exactly how to set up the printer and process an order, as well as how to encourage customers to buy more than one product.

You've Been Framed

Super sellers in holiday season

Retailers can recoup their investment in a matter of days, Bazzoni adds, especially if they start selling in November and December. “From what we have seen with our first operators, sales are explosive. Now is an ideal time for sellers to get into this, because the prints are great gifts and a simple concept. Consumers can knock out their entire gift list with our prints. They walk up to the You’ve Been Framed cart, and customize the gifts for each person on their list. We have found that people do not buy just one product. They typically buy a number of them.”

iDNA launched last year with Sportula Products, a line of licensed sports heavy-duty grilling tools and accessories. Bazzoni expects Sportula to be in 600 to 700 locations this year, up from last year’s 300 locations. iDNA Brands is firmly rooted in helping merchants in the specialty retail industry succeed, he notes. “We have products that make a lot of sense for the industry. Ideas are in our DNA, and we are excited to come up with things that sell well in malls.”

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