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ROI revolutionROI Revolution, launched in 2002 by Timothy Seward, specializes in search engine marketing (SEM). The firm works with online merchants to help drive greater profitable sales volume through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. “What makes this form of marketing so powerful is that you can identify which part of marketing is working, and allocate budget accordingly,” states Denis Coombes, director of sales. “We have the time, expertise and custom tools to drive profit through PPC.”

ROI Revolution performs the keyword research, writes the ads and manages the AdWords accounts on behalf of its clients, using proprietary tools it has developed over a five-year period. “Our mantra is, ‘If you can measure it, you can improve it’,” Coombes notes. With a foundation in Google Analytics, the company is both diligent and proficient in this pursuit. “Timothy was engaged with Google when it acquired Urchin as a web analytics company,” Coombes explains. “They rebranded Urchin and launched it as Google Analytics. GA allows companies to access data on a level they had not been able to before, without paying tens of thousands of dollars a month. We work to help our clients get the data, because it is the numbers that tell us what to do next.”

Reap the benefits of Product Listing Ads in Q4

ROI Revolution’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) tools enable it to tie in with a merchant’s product feed, and actively build out and manage the PLA campaigns within Google AdWords. “We have great success in this area. Any retailer that is not leveraging the power of Google Shopping through PLAs is missing out on a great opportunity for sales,” Coombes adds. Furthermore, the company maintains present day ties with Google. “We work directly with Google, and we host several members of their AdWords team every quarter in our offices. Not many agencies get direct contacts with Google,” reports Chris Crompton, group marketing manager.

“We work directly with Google, and we host several members of their AdWords team every quarter in our offices. Not many agencies get direct contacts with Google.”

Chris Crompton, group marketing manager

This high-level relationship benefits ROI Revolution’s clients in several ways. “Google is always releasing new features that merchants can leverage to drive more profit out of its platform,” Crompton continues. “Oftentimes new features are released in beta, and we get in ahead of the curve.” PLAs, for example, were launched in beta in the fourth quarter of 2010, and ROI Revolution was in on that from the get-go. The company noticed a couple of important things, one of which was that Google ramped up the number of impressions by a factor of eight that they were serving on PLAs. This means there was a lot more traffic going to that form of advertising. “When managed correctly, PLAs have a lower cost per click than the average text ad, and they typically also have a higher conversion rate. If you marry low cost per click with high conversion rates, you get extremely low cost per sale transactions occurring. They are an incredibly important advertising platform for merchants,” Coombes stresses.

Free PPC marketing resources fuel growth

For indie retailers, it begins with ROI Revolution’s host of free resources. “If you are just entering the space and want to get the ball rolling, it is in your absolute best interest to educate yourself,” Coombes shares. “If a merchant does not understand the fundamentals of PPC marketing and they outsource to somebody, they can get burned by those that claim expertise but are not qualified.” The firm has a section on its website where retailers can access numerous free reports, including the new Google Shopping White Paper. “The client will get a team of three on our end, and they are team member number four, essentially. With their knowledge of the industry and business model, they can shed greater light beyond what we can read in the numbers,” Crompton remarks. “It is this exclusive combination that makes their business growth unstoppable.”

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