Random Rummy12: New Twist on an Old Favorite

Random RummyCard games have been a favorite pastime for generations, bringing families and friends together for big enjoyment at little cost. Random Rummy12 is a new card game, created by family owned and operated Krazy Kinfolk LLC, for players ages ten and up. “Random Rummy12 is a challenging 12-hand rummy game where skill and luck come together for a great time,” says Betty Evenson, marketing director. “It requires more strategic thinking than traditional rummy games, but it is really fun, too. Our family has always played cards, and throughout the years we adapted the rules and made additions and deletions to improve the game of rummy.”

About a year ago, the family realized that they had developed something quite unique that was sure to be a winner with many other Americans, and decided to go to market with Random Rummy12. To confirm its hunch, Krazy Kinfolk first conducted a series of focus groups. “Everybody just loved it, even focus group participants who were not normally card players,” Evenson reports. “We are hoping our vendors will play our game. Then they will be able to tell their customers first hand how much fun it really is.”

Random Rummy12 at IGES/SSS

Random Rummy 12

Krazy Kinfolk foresees Random Rummy12 selling well in the gift and game market, at boutiques, mom and pop stores, and all types of gift and souvenir shops. “It will be a great play for people vacationing at the beach, as well as the ski slopes; anywhere you find groups of people coming together.” To introduce Random Rummy12 to gift buyers, the company will be exhibiting at the IGES/SSS show in Tennessee, November 5-9. Retailers will find Random Rummy12 at the event’s new Pigeon Forge location, booth PF8600.

Random RummyRandom Rummy12 comes in a box that includes 119 cards, easy to follow instructions and a score sheet. The heavy-duty container displays the company’s eye-catching rainbow colored logo, and is designed to last through years of play. Everything about the card game is 100 percent made in the USA, Evenson stresses. “We are incredibly proud that our entire game, from development to printing and distribution, has been done right here in the United States. It is a bit more costly than going overseas, but very important to us.” The special wholesale price through November 15 is $8.50, and suggested retail is $19.99. The minimum order is 12 games.

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