IQ Massager for Pain & Profits

IQ Massager for Pain & ProfitsIQ Technologies is a distributor of muscle stimulator massagers that improve circulation and provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains associated with sore muscles, stress and tension. Young and old alike use the IQ Massager to alleviate all kinds of minor pain. “This electric massager reaches deeper than any human hand can reach,” says Elli Josef, CEO. Powerful, yet about the size of an iPod, the IQ Massager fits conveniently into a pocket or purse. The product is easy to use wherever you are, including on an airplane, in the car, at the office and much more.

Six massage modes and ten levels of intensity

The IQ Massager is a safe and simple product that relieves aches and pains without resorting to medication. The device provides six massage modes, including acupuncture, pushing, tapping, scraping, cupping and random. It has ten levels of intensity, an adjustable timer and a digital control display. The kit includes a 3.7 volt lithium rechargeable battery, and a USB charger with a charge time of 72 minutes. The massager is available in black and silver. IQ Technologies takes prides in continually updating its product technology and design.

IQ Massager for Pain & Profits“The IQ Massager is a popular selling device because there is a growing interest in self care. People want to be in charge of their own health,” Josef states. ”Many IQ Massager dealers have kiosks in malls, or sell at trade shows throughout North and South America. It is a great demonstration product that allows retailers to stop customers and offer a free massage. People feel immediate results, and this makes it obvious that the product is effective and will be useful in their lives. The IQ Massager gets customers excited about relieving their pain, and results in purchases and referrals.”

Demonstration of these products is easily learned and applied, and training is available. IQ Technologies also provides visual aids, such as a 60 second video that helps retailers attract customers and boost sales. The item is displayed in professional looking packaging that complements the product’s quality. “The retail price is $379, and merchants can sell IQ Massager for half that price and still make a large profit,” Josef continues. “This product has an average profit margin of up to 800 percent. There is no other product on the market right now that has such a large profit margin.”

IQ Massager also has an array of accessories that can increase income. The main accessory is IQ Pads that connect to the massager. “These need to be replaced by the customer, and bring in recurring income,” Josef adds. Other popular add-ons include a belt massager that is used for the lower back and stomach, and a car kit that makes it easier to use the product while traveling.

Satisfied customers become sales representatives

“People love the IQ Massager,” Josef reports, “and they see the potential to make money selling it themselves. Here are just two of the many comments I have received from satisfied customers.” “I love this product,” says Athenia. “I would be interested in learning about becoming a dealer, as I have many friends interested in my IQ Massager who want one of their own.”  “I have been involved with natural healthcare for several years,” Saundra shares. “I recently purchased the IQ Massager, as I have chronic neck and back pain resulting from an accident several years ago, and I love the results. I am looking for information to become a representative, because I am constantly recommending this wonderful product.”

IQ Massager comes with a five year warranty that is managed by IQ Technologies and relieves sales teams from further customer service. “We replace units without issue,” Josef assures. “Customer service is our first priority.” Wholesale pricing may be obtained by contacting the company.

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