Win with Stainless Steel Fashion Rings

Win with Stainless Steel Fashion RingsFashion jewelry continues to generate steady retail sales, and rings are especially popular in today’s market. “Fashion rings have always been and will continue to be our biggest sellers,” says Frances Perian, wholesale and special projects manager with Shavonne Corporation, a jewelry wholesaler since 1956. “Our newest items are 316-stainless steel fashion rings. Stainless steel is becoming more popular than sterling silver because it is more economical.”

Affordably priced wedding sets

Shavonne is continually expanding its large selection of stainless steel rings. In addition to multiple plain, colored and stone options for women, the firm offers several wedding sets. “In this economy, many people cannot afford to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a wedding set. The clear CZ stone is our number one seller,” Perian reports. With colored stones, sales are dependent on the month, and Shavonne sold numerous stainless steel rings with sapphire colored stones in September. “As we go into the holiday season, we will sell a lot of the darker stones such as ruby, garnet, emerald and black. They are more popular for the fall and winter seasons.” For spring 2014, strong sales are expected in some of the lighter colors like pink, tanzanite, Brazilian blue, aqua and peridot. In addition to a wide range of styles and hues, Shavonne offers women’s rings in sizes four to 12.

Win with Stainless Steel Fashion Rings

Shavonne also offers stainless steel rings for men because of the metal’s durability. “Men are harder than women on fashion jewelry, and with 316-stainless steel there is no finish to wear off and no tarnishing. These rings last beautifully through everyday wear,” Perian remarks. The company provides a lifetime warranty on all rings.

Another increasingly popular line is gold plated jewelry. “Gold plated jewelry is as popular now as the rhodium, and we think that this trend will continue into 2014,” Perian notes. Shavonne has a complete line of gold plated rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches.

To predict what jewelry items will be hot, and to keep a fresh array of pieces available for retail buyers, Shavonne continually researches color and fashion trends. “We keep up with the newest colors as well as styles, and we introduce new items for each season,” Perian shares. “We do this for all our product categories.”

Win-Win program of top sellers

“We talk to retailers to find out their specific jewelry needs, and then we pull what we know are our top sellers. If after 90 days some of those items have not sold, we will give them an exchange code so they can get different merchandise.”

Frances Perian,
Wholesale and special projects manager

Shavonne’s products retail for $7.95 to $39.95, and the firm has five wholesale pricing structures. There are no fees to open a wholesale account. The first level is 50 percent off an opening retail order of $500. Once a retailer places a first order, he or she is placed in the firm’s wholesale division and receives an account number and password. The fifth tier discount is 75 percent off rings, and 70 percent off all other products on a retail order of $22,000. “At level one, buyers would pay $250, and at level five they would pay $5,500,” Perian explains. For buying levels three through five, Shavonne offers a “Win-Win” program at no extra charge. “We talk to retailers to find out their specific jewelry needs, and then we pull what we know are our top sellers. The program can help sellers get started until they see what their customers like. If after 90 days some of those items have not sold, we will give them an exchange code so they can get different merchandise,” Perian continues. Buyers enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will not suffer any monetary loss due to jewelry that does not sell.

Shavonne encourages retailers to place orders online, because merchandise is automatically pulled out of available inventory. “We make it easy for retailers to find what they want through a search function, and we also have category navigation on the right side of our home page,” Perian adds. Wholesale orders are generally processed in two to three business days.

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