Gift Within A Gift Doubles Sales

Don't Shake It gift within a gift With the holiday buying season in full swing, retailers stand to make 20 to 40 percent of their annual sales in November and December. Inexpensive, add-on items such as Don’t shake it!™  sound effects for gifts can help merchants reach their sales goals. Users simply turn on Don’t shake it! and place it inside a gift box. The sound is activated when the box is moved, masking what is inside to provide additional suspense. Patent pending Don’t shake it! is available in two versions: pre-recorded with sound effects such as breaking glass, a car alarm and a cash register, and a recordable version. The company also provides downloadable samples, including a siren and a barking puppy, on its website and on a free mobile app.

Creative & fun hints

Don't Shake It In addition, product creator and company owner, Neil Adams, suggests consumers get creative with Don’t shake it! by recording sounds that hint at what is in the box. “A lot of kids, including my own, like to get video games and video game accessories as gifts. I will go online and record a sound effect related to the video game I’m giving, using my recordable Don’t shake it! and put it in with the gift. When my kids shake their gifts, they hear a sound effect that they recognize, and they have an idea what might be inside. They can’t open the gift until their birthday or Christmas, but they have a lot of fun shaking the gift,” Adams reports. This idea works with almost any gift, he adds.

The notion for Don’t shake it! came to Adams from his own youth. “When I was a child,” Adams recalls, “I would put pennies and marbles and other things in with a gift, so that when the person shook it they would have a hard time guessing what was inside.” That practice came to mind when Adams was wrapping a present not too long ago, and after doing some research he created Don’t Shake it! “We have received a lot of positive feedback,” Adams notes. “People are excited to buy if for their holiday gifts.”

Buying details

Don’t Shake it! wholesales for $2.50 and retails for $4.95, and initial orders of 48 pieces are preferred. The company includes a free countertop display, along with a free gift demo box that can be placed nearby, making it easy for shoppers to add Don’t shake it! to their purchases. The gift box is wrapped in red paper with a gold ribbon, and has a lid so people can open it and see the Don’t Shake it! inside. “People shake the demo gift box and hear the sound effects, and experience the product first hand,” Adams points out. “It is a great sales tool.” In addition, the firm has developed a video with examples of how the product can be used, which is available on  

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