Attracting Customers with Unique Advertising and Displays

By Elizabeth Alton

Attracting Customers with Unique Advertising and DisplaysIn store advertising, just like every other type of advertising, asks the question, “How do I capture customers’ attention and keep it?” If you are an independent retailer, manufacturer or product designer that retails through this channel, it is important to answer this question. Competing for attention in a smaller shop can be especially challenging without the ample square footage larger retailers have. Here are some creative ideas for in-store advertising to increase engagement and sales.

Branded apps

A retail trend that has been getting a lot of attention in the press recently is showrooming. Customers know that they want a specific item and they go into a store to look at it or try it on. Then they whip out their smartphones, often right on the premises, to see if they are getting the best deal in-store or if they should buy online. Retailers are fighting back by creating branded apps that help customers with research. From big box retailers to independent shops, these branded apps offer content, research guidance, entertainment and discounts for shoppers in their store. As a form of advertising that deepens your connection with a brand, the results are encouraging.

Digital screen tie-ins

Attracting Customers with Unique Advertising and DisplaysTouch screens and app like features are not just for smartphones. Many manufacturers are finding that creative integrative digital screen tie-ins are a great way to capture attention. More interactive than a life-sized cutout, these screens may feature games, product information, and more. Some creative examples allow users to personalize messages and send them to a friend, or to send people off on a scavenger hunt around the store. More interaction equals more effective.

QR codes

Another in-store model that is maturing is the QR code, a technology that has been around for a couple of years. Now, enough consumers have smartphones to use the QR codes technology. From life sized in-store displays to packaging integration, QR codes are becoming quite common. Whether they take buyers to custom content or offer a discount to drive a sale, many advertisers are working to find creative ways to get QR codes to stand out in the in-store environment. To learn more about QR codes, click here.

Shock stickers and other window dressing

Window stickers are a staple in the in-store advertising space, but some recent approaches have made these displays much more interesting. The idea is to transform the shopper’s experience to feel more distinct. For example, one recent Apple promotion created the appearance of a shattered window from the release of a new product. These and similar innovations have upped the game for window decals and created opportunities for retailers to get more creative with their choices.

Functional floor displays

Grocery and gourmet food stores are known for their board and tape floor displays, also known as POP or point of purchase displays. State of the art displays maximize space for the storeowner while providing function to show as much product as possible. Kraft’s Easy Cheese floor display is a great example of a compact design.

Capturing potential customers’ attention, holding it once they are in your store, and getting them to take action on your products requires a smart advertising plan. Creative in-store approaches have a major impact on your bottom line.

Have you recently had success with creative advertising? Let us know your top techniques in the comments below.