DoorJammer Ensures Privacy & Security

DoorJammer For Privacy & SecurityThe DoorJammer™ is an innovative door security device for anyone wanting increased privacy, safety and peace of mind. About the size of a smartphone and weighing only eight ounces, the portable unit is ideal for travelers, backpackers, students and seniors. “The DoorJammer is great for college students who want added privacy, as well as for anyone traveling, because even with a key the door cannot be opened without excessive force,” says Marcus Butler, sales manager. The device fits most doors found in homes, hotel rooms, university residence halls, hostels and offices.

The DoorJammer sells well in a variety of settings, including hardware stores, businesses that sell security products, travel accessories and gadgets, and novelty kiosks. The product is getting marketing exposure through travel and women’s blogs, which are testing and writing about DoorJammer. “We have been getting a lot of interest from elementary schools that are trying DoorJammer to see how they like it,” Butler shares.

Easy to install and remove

DoorJammer For Privacy & SecurityUniquely engineered and easy to use, the patent pending DoorJammer fits to most doors in seconds, to “jam” the door shut. Users insert the flange into the bottom space under the door in line with the door handle and twist the engagement bolt until it is secure. Owing to an ingenious system of hinges and angles, the horizontal force being exerted on the door from the outside is then converted into a vertical force, anchoring the DoorJammer firmly to the ground. This prevents the door from moving, increases the DoorJammer’s grip and reduces the chances of its foot slipping on the floor. The adjustable foot at the end of the hinged leg allows the DoorJammer to be installed on any type of floor, such as hardwood, carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum, etc., both flat and inclined. Still, in case of an emergency, the device can be easily pulled off the door. The user simply pulls the DoorJammer upward, and it conveniently removes itself from the locked position with no effort.

“I was traveling in Miami recently, and the hotel I stayed in did not have an interior deadbolt,” Butler recalls. “I felt very comfortable having DoorJammer on the door, knowing the housekeeper could not enter if I didn’t hear her, or I was in the shower.” That scenario is precisely how DoorJammer was developed. “The gentleman who designed it was traveling in Latin America. He thought there should be something to secure a hotel room door besides putting a chair or dresser in front of it, and he came up with this handy little device.”

Buying details

The DoorJammer wholesales for $17.99 for one to 249 units, or $14.99 for 250 units and up, and retails in the U.S. for $29.99. The minimum order is ten units. The company supplies demonstration videos and high-resolution images and postcards, and will work with retailers to develop additional marketing materials. Merchants can visit DoorJammer’s consumer website for product details, or contact Butler directly for more information and to place an order.

Where to buy:

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