Souvinart Image Centers

Souvinart Image CentersSouvinart™ Image Centers by Pictoura are touch screen kiosks that allow consumers to select and produce high quality images on fine art canvas in minutes. Owing to a brand new process and cloud technology, tourists, travelers and everyone can create a spectacular gift or keepsake for low cost. “We have a world gallery of more than 40,000 images, and we make each Souvinart kiosk location specific. We load each unit with around 200 images that are relative to a retailer’s facility and the surrounding area,” explains Mitch Rapoport, director of marketing at Pictoura, a travel and photography company. The firm was founded by Marc Miller, a world explorer and photographer.

Custom and personal photos

Souvinart Image CentersSouvinart kiosks also can be loaded with specific images retailers want to offer their customers. “For instance, we just placed a kiosk at the Mohonk Mountain House, a historic Victorian hotel in the Hudson Valley, New York. The resort looks like a castle on top of a mountain. We used their pictures, which our artists refined, along with historic and contemporary images of the surrounding region,” Rapoport reports. Each image used by Souvinart is perfected by in-house artists, and prints out on pre-stretched fine art canvas made by a 500-year-old German company. The prints are available in 8 by 10 inch, 12 by 15 inch, and 16 by 20 inch sizes that are ready for framing and come packaged in a tube.

Souvinart Image Centers take up little space, keep customers in the store longer, and generate a fresh revenue stream and high profit margins. “Our transaction fee plus the cost of the material for the largest print is $14,” Rapoport continues. “Retail is around $36, so the merchant is working on a greater than 250 percent markup. Any retailer that has a funnel of traffic would benefit from selling this product.”

App for smartphones, tablets & laptops

To help retailers generate even more traffic, Pictoura is releasing an app that will allow people to upload their own images from smartphones, tablets and laptops to the firm’s cloud server and download them to the nearest Souvinart kiosk. The app will include features that enable consumers to fine-tune their photos, view the results at the kiosk and create a print. “This application will bring more people to the retailer than they normally would have seen,” Rapoport notes. 

Buying details

To get started with Souvinart, the minimum purchase order is the kiosk, which is sold at or near cost, according to Rapoport. Several models are available, including 42-inch, 32-inch and 22-inch podiums, and a countertop model. The largest of the kiosks sells for $7,995, and the 32-inch countertop model costs $6,495.  The printer, software, custom branding and support signage are included, along with $800 worth of ink and materials to produce several hundred prints. Retailers are invited to contact Rapoport for samples.
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