Weighted Health & Fitness Glove

Quik Hands Weighted Health & Fitness GloveQuik Hands™ weighted health and fitness gloves are resistance-training gloves that have a removable weight packet on the back. The gloves can be worn to enhance a variety of fitness activities and sports such as walking, aerobics and golf. They increase the heart rate, and improve upper body strength, flexibility, circulation and balance. “People put the gloves on and walk, and they help firm up the back of the upper arm. They also are used in aerobic classes to increase intensity,” says Dieter Thellman, CEO and product inventor. For golfers, QH weighted gloves add more flexibility and stability to the body which increases driving distance as well as helps reduce injuries.

Doctors recommend light weights

Weighted Health & Fitness GloveQuik Hands weighted gloves have been shown in studies to help users burn up to 40 percent more calories and increase the heart rate 10 to15 beats per minute over activities done without the gloves. “While seven ounces may not sound very challenging, in fact, it is. I have had boot camp instructors who did not believe the 7-ounce glove would slow them down and they could not finish their classes,” Thellman continues. “I worked with doctors who specified that these weights will do more good than harm. Once you get into heavier weights, the larger muscles take over and they do not allow the smaller muscles in the arms to develop. The new theory is that a lesser amount of weight with more repetitions is better for your body than the other way around. If you are a runner and you wear the 5.5-ounce gloves and you run a mile, you will not feel much at first. When you get to the last quarter of a mile and need to work on your strength and endurance, that is when the positive gain comes in.”

Consumers also wear QH weighted gloves to improve several health conditions, such as high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease and arthritis. “People with Parkinson’s wear these gloves to keep the tremors down,” Thellman explains, “and people who have arthritis in their hands wear them because they maintain heat and increase circulation, which alleviates pain.” The product reduces stress on the knees, hips and upper back, and improves bone density, according to research studies conducted in Europe and the USA.

Buying details

Weighted Health & Fitness GloveThe gloves are available in grey and pink. Weights available are 4-ounce, 5.5-ounce and 7-ounce. Wholesale for a pair of gloves with one set of 5.5-ounce weights is $12 and retail is $29.95. The gloves may also be purchased with a full set of weights at a wholesale price of $22 with a retail price of $49.95. “This allows people to customize each workout,” Thellman shares. The minimum order is $150. QH health & fitness gloves come in colorful packaging.

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