Girly Garter Stores Money & More

Girly Garter Stores Money & MoreGirlyGoGarter® is a sexy, lacey garter with pockets that adheres to the upper thigh. It has easy-access pockets on the outside of the garter, just within the lace, and lock-flap pockets on the inside of the item. Both types of pockets keep money, ID, lip gloss, mobile phone, keys, passport, and all a woman’s essentials, safe, secure and at her fingertips. “The product has patent pending GentleFlex™ Grippers that warm to the body to stay in place,” explains Andy Paige, CEO, product inventor, and beauty and style expert. “You can run and dance in it, and it’s perfect for weddings, proms, football games, concerts and anywhere a woman goes when she doesn’t want to carry a purse. It holds up to three pounds, and will even hold a weapon.”

GirlyGoGarter is available in nude, red, black, hot pink and light blue. “Our wedding collection includes a beautiful beaded garter that comes with a blue satin toss garter, which you just pull off the bottom of the item,” Paige adds. The product wholesales for $14.75 and retails for $30.

Top new product at NY Now & MAGIC

Girly Garter Stores Money & More“We launched GirlyGoGarter in August at the New York Now Gift Show and the Las Vegas MAGIC Accessory show. We outsold all new products at MAGIC 14 to one, and all new products at New York Now 20 to one,” Paige shares. “In the new products section of the IGES/SSS show in November, we outsold all new products two to one. We are making huge strides, and already have over 260 accounts.”

Paige, who works both in front and behind the camera to help people with their image, has been in the television industry for several years. Previously lead hair, makeup and wardrobe on Celebrity Apprentice, she created the GirlyGoGarter while working on the TLC show Ten Years Younger. “We had a rigorous shooting schedule, and the mic pack I wore on my bra was giving me water blisters because we were shooting 12 to 16 hours a day and it was hot. They gave me a strap to put around my leg, and it would not stay up. I went home and fashioned my first GirlyGoGarter out of fabric, cut up bras and a hot glue gun. One evening I went out with my sisters and saw all these women dancing while holding their purses, because they didn’t want to leave them unattended. I set out to improve my prototype and created the GirlyGoGarter.”

Buying details

The minimum order is 20 units. The company’s free marketing kit includes a tabletop display that explains how the product works, a mannequin leg with a free sample garter, a window decal, and a one-hour DVD loop of the firm’s television commercial. “If you play the DVD, the product sells itself, so you don’t have to commit any employee time,” Paige notes. GirlyGoGarter is adding a store locator to its site to drive traffic to retail shops. Merchants can apply online to sell the company’s products, and are approved within 24 hours to place their first orders.
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