Using Instagram and Pinterest To Increase Holiday Sales

By Bardi Toto

Using Instagram and Pinterest To Increase Holiday SalesEveryone knows that promotions around Christmas and the New Year go hand in hand, regardless of the marketing channel. With consumer spending at its peak, brands need to be promoting their products as much as possible. According to ComScore, 30 percent of retail ecommerce consumer spending took place in the fourth quarter in 2012, with a majority concentrated in the second half. Pinterest and Instagram are ideal platforms for holiday and New Year business promotions. Here is how you should use these media to increase holiday sales:

Pinterest promotions

Pinterest promotions consistently increase website referral traffic and sales. Regardless of the time of year, promotions are by far the fastest way to increase followers, engagement, community and loyalty. However, they are most efficient around the holidays and the New Year. Given Pinterest is extremely viral, even more viral than Facebook, holiday promotions are a very efficient way to build communities. If you want to influence the conversations your customers are having about your industry, deliver high quality images that Pinterest users will love to share. Plus, with the holiday pinning fervor you can get even more traffic than usual so do not miss out. Be sure to enable Rich Pins on your website. For more information on how to use Pinterest to boost sales, click here.

Tell your story

Brand storytelling is intrinsic to the holiday season and the New Year or at least it should be. Instagram is an ideal venue for telling a story about your brand. In the age of price driven ecommerce, many retailers are so focused on direct response advertising that they inadvertently neglect creativity. After installing the Instagram app on your device you can begin to make connections with consumers that lead them to feel good about your brand and the experience of purchasing your product. Consider using unique hashtags geared towards holiday promotions as keywords in order to make your company and brand easily findable. Prepare for the New Year by announcing a new idea or product. Keep consumers in suspense by teasing a photo on Instagram. For more information on how to build your business with Instagram, click here.

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