Fashion Week in Las Vegas

By Todd Fabos

Fashion Week in Las VegasThere is always something new at trade shows. No matter the industry, exhibitors strive to show off the latest and greatest products. For apparel retailers, offering customers new products, lines, and looks is a must. There is no better place to find the latest hot products than Fashion Week in Las Vegas. With several fashion and apparel industry trade shows in town, retailers are able to see an abundance of items in a short period of time. Merchants who primarily carry footwear, for example, can find new accessories such as belts, wallets, purses, bags or scarves to add to their mix. “We always encourage buyers to try something new while they are at our show,” says Stephen Krogulski, CEO of the OFFPRICE Show. “Trade shows are a great way to find new items, and our exhibitors’ products are often available for up to 70 percent below wholesale prices.”

Convenient buying

Around 20 trade shows are held in Vegas during Fashion Week in February. “All the segments of the industry are covered,” Krogulski notes. OFFPRICE, as well as the shows that make up Modern Assembly, take place at the Sands Expo. Meanwhile, the MAGIC Market Week shows take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Mandalay Bay. Retailers will also find shows at Rio and Bally’s. “For the convenience of all of our buyers, we offer complimentary shuttles to the Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay and Rio, making it easier than ever to visit every Fashion Week show,” Krogulski comments. “The convenience and selection of merchandise makes it easy for retailers in the apparel industry to bring new products back to their customers.”

Dangle new products

When retailers plan to sell a new item they have not carried before, Krogulski recommends testing the product first, and introducing it during a large sale. If the new product was sourced at a low price, retailers can dangle it as a promotional item to get customers to stop, take notice and shop at the store. If the new product carried a higher original price point, by introducing it during a sale when other items are deeply discounted, customers may be inclined to add it to their cart if they feel they are getting a great deal on a sale item.

With many holidays on the calendar, consumers are always shopping for gifts for others and themselves. Retailers can give buyers a reason to choose their stores by keeping shelves and racks stocked with fresh, new products. Most advertisements from retailers tout excellent prices and new merchandise. Shopping the Fashion Week trade shows in Vegas allows storeowners to accomplish both goals with relative ease.