Wavertree & London Premier Fragrant Soaps

Wavertree & London Premier Fragrant SoapsAustralian Natural Soap LLC, a wholesaler of premium soaps in the US for more than 15 years, is introducing a new line of 7-ounce fragrant soaps called Wavertree & London. At present, 14 succulent scents are available. “Lemongrass & Lemon Myrtle is one of our top sellers,” states owner David Nichols. “It is a tangy blend of herbal lemongrass and lemon myrtle, with essential oils and crushed leaf, and is quite refreshing. Sicilian Orange smells like a luscious orange, French Pear has a fresh fruit bouquet, and Frangipani and Gardenia makes you feel like you are in a flower garden. Fragrance is the big hook in soap, and we have so many delicious varieties, there is something for everyone.” Other flavors are Honey & Almond, Persimmon & Red Currant, Lavender d’Provence, English Rose, Melon & Peach, Tuscany Olive, Mango Butter and Quince. Three more scents will be launched in June.

Plant oils & French milled

Wavertree & London Premier Fragrant SoapsAustralian Natural Soap uses the finest ingredients and processes for its products. “We use plant oil, whereas many other cheaper soaps are made of animal fat,” Nichols explains. “Plant oils result in a much better quality product, and you do not have to add chemicals and detergents to make the soap work, like you do with animal fat. Natural soaps have a dramatic affect on the skin; it gets softer and smoother, and does not dry out.” In addition, all soaps are French milled rather than poured. The ingredients go through an extruder, and the soap becomes very dense because the air is removed. “As a result, you get a much creamier lather and the soap does not dissolve, even when it sits in water. One of our bars of soap can be half the size of a poured soap, but it will last longer,” Nichols continues. As a final touch, Wavertree & London products are wrapped in elegant, embossed paper. All Australian Natural Soap products are manufactured in Australia. “They have very high production standards, and are known for making good quality personal care products,” Nichols stresses.

Ideal gifts

Wavertree & London Premier Fragrant SoapsWavertree & London wholesales for $3 and retails for around $6.50 apiece. “We think the line is going to be a fantastic seller because it is great quality and the price is reasonable. It is ideal for gifts as well as consumable sales, and will sell well in card shops, bath & body, gift stores, home stores and many other types of shops,” Nichols adds. “Success in selling soap is about reorders. If the price is attractive the product will sell, but it is the right combination of quality and price that leads to repeat business. And that is what we give retailers.” Australian Natural Soap also offers the same high quality product in 3.5-ounce, unbranded bulk soap in boxes of 12 and 72. “They are the top selling soaps with many volume users, private label customers and health food stores,” Nichols points out. The company sells these same size soaps individually as well as wrapped.

Buying details

The minimum order is $75, and all soaps are pre-packaged in display cartons. The company also has wooden display cases for the smaller soaps. To place a wholesale order online, merchants should fill out an application. Once approved within 24 hours, merchants have access to the wholesale side of the site.

Australian Natural Soap LLC
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