Gift Trends: Pantone Color of the Year

By Charlotte Biggs

Pantone’s Color of the Year has sparked growing interest and promotion over the last few years. Initially embraced by the design community, the campaign is now reaching a wider audience, with many industries taking an active interest in which hue receives the esteemed title. Increased exposure and interest present an intriguing and established trend for gift retailers to incorporate into their merchandise offerings.

Radiant Orchid

Gift Trends: Pantone Color of the YearAnnounced at the end of 2013, Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid, a blend of fuchsia, purple and pink. In selecting the color, Pantone utilizes its expertise in color solutions and systems to express what is taking place globally. The panel scours the world, seeking out future design and color influences, looking for one color seen as ascending in importance through all creative sectors. Established in 2000, Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing across myriad industries.

For gifts this spring, the choice of Radiant Orchid is particularly exciting. This warm and expressive color offers great possibilities for savvy retailers wanting to bring a fresh feel to their product offerings. The symbolism of the color points toward innovation, modernity, creativity and originality, providing exciting emotional triggers for the retail environment. It is already possible to see the influence of the Color of the Year on the gift industry in particular. A huge variety of products are emerging. Online marketplace, Etsy, showcases the scope of the trend in the industry with a wide assortment of products, from handbags and jewelry to stationery and prints, inspired by the distinctive Radiant Orchid color palette.

Showcase Radiant Orchid products

A small change, such as introducing radiant orchid packaging or tissue paper, is a low cost, low commitment way to wrap gifts and freshen up the shopping experience.

For the retailer aiming to maintain a blank canvas for products, the Radiant Orchid trend can be realized through both product choice and display. By showcasing Radiant Orchid gifts, retailers can introduce their customers to exciting new products, and be a trend curator. Application of the trend does not have to be as big as a new feature wall or a new range of products. The color can be introduced into accent pieces or accessories. A small change, such as introducing radiant orchid packaging or tissue paper, is a low cost, low commitment way to wrap gifts and freshen up the shopping experience.The adaptability of this particular color trend is potentially its greatest asset. No matter how much time or budget is available, there is an opportunity for smart retailers to incorporate the trend into their retail space and gift offerings. Embracing the Color of the Year is about bringing an invigorating, fresh look to your business, and showing potential customers you are at the cutting edge of an exciting global trend.