Jewelry As Good As Gold

Jewelry As Good As GoldHigh quality fashion jewelry is always in style, and retailers who work with creative suppliers will see swift sales throughout the year. Gold plated and two- and three-tone rings and pendants, frosted with semi-precious stones, are among today’s most chic looks. As a fashion jewelry designer and producer for more than 40 years, GM Manufacturing offers these and other trending looks. Its mega line for women, men and children includes more than 300,000 charms in dozens of categories, such as religion, music, animals, angels, sports, names and more. Many charms are fashioned in the highly popular two-tone combination of gold and rhodium, as well as the three-tone blend that includes rose gold. Several pieces also have CZ. The company creates thousands of necklaces, chains, rings and toe rings, earrings, bracelets and name plaques, and an exclusive assortment of bangles, cuffs and rings with semi-precious stones. Additionally, GM Manufacturing can replicate any item that a retailer wants mass produced, and can create laser picture charms out of any picture supplied.

Religious and semi-precious top sellers

Jewelry As Good As Gold“We make distinctive jewelry; everything from conservative to bold fashions, and we specialize in custom pieces,” states owner and manager Vivian Mekhael. “Religious charms are huge sellers, especially in the southern U.S., and a big trend across the nation is jewelry with semi-precious stones. Retailers often bring us semi-precious stones, and we create unique charms and necklaces just for them. We are also selling a lot of rings and bracelets in different styles and colors.” GM Manufacturing stays on top of changing trends, and introduces new styles each month. “Gold plated pieces and the gold and rhodium combination are very popular, because they are less costly than gold but are still very elegant,” Mekhael continues. The products’ base metal is brass. “The quality of our products is superb, and we guarantee everything for life. Our jewelry will not chip or fade. Items from China do not even come close. We have merchants come to us from all over the country, because our products and service are unbeatable.” The firm’s manufacturing facility is in Tijuana, Mexico, and products ship from its warehouse in Chula Vista, CA.

Margins five times wholesale

Jewelry As Good As GoldWholesale ranges from $.98 to $150 per item, with the high end being for exclusive custom pieces. Average wholesale is $2 to $3 for charms; $3 to $5 for bracelets; and $1 to $4 for rings. The lowest markup is keystone, and sellers can easily triple the wholesale price, according to Mekhael. “A piece that wholesales for under $1 can often net a seller $5.” The minimum order is $200, and price breaks are offered on $500 orders and up. GM Manufacturing is in the process of developing display cases. The company will exhibit at ASDLV, March 16-19, and will offer show specials and discounts.

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