Colorful Fire

Colorful FireColorful Fire is an easy to use, safe and affordable way to enhance a fire with a brilliant display of colored flames. The packets produce intense colors with no smoke, odor or noxious fumes, and can be used for any indoor or outdoor fire. They are environmentally friendly because they are a complete burn off product, and leave no carcinogens or harmful substances behind to seep into the ground.

Made in USA

Colorful FireColorful Fire lasts a long time, says Fred Martin, who co-created the product with his lifelong friend and business partner, Gus Phillips. “All of our test results have lasted a minimum of 30 minutes in average size fires. The majority of them have lasted up to an hour. The best we were able to achieve with other flame colorants is 10 to 15 minutes.” Colorful Fire is manufactured in the USA. “Everything we do is 100 percent sourced from US companies,” Martin states.

To use Colorful Fire, simply toss one to three unopened packets onto a high point of any wood burning fire. The size and intensity of the fire determines the number of packets needed, as well as the time the colors are visible. For most fires, one packet is enough for 30 to 60 minutes of color, Martin explains. “We guarantee you will get at least 30 minutes of color out of every bag. Retailers will not find another fire colorant that will stand behind their product like we do.”

Great impulse buy

Colorful FireRetailing for $2 a packet, Colorful Fire is an easy impulse sale, Martin reports. “People who enjoy sitting around a fire love our product. It is fun, interesting and sparks conversation. Our product is far better than similar products made in China. Buyers tell us there is no better fire colorant on the market, and we have had a phenomenal response.”

The idea for Colorful Fire started in the summer of 2012, when Martin and Phillips were sitting around a campfire. “There were several flame colorant products on the market, but none of them ‘wowed’ us, so we embarked on a mission to create a product that will change the way people view fire. After educating ourselves on chemistry and pyrotechnics, we came up with a mixture that we are very proud of, and guarantees to impress all who see it.”

Buying details

Colorful Fire comes in a convenient package that is light, and moisture and air resistant, resulting in long shelf life. The minimum order is one case of 48 pieces, and wholesale is $1 apiece. There are three display options: a three pack with a hang tag that is bundled 16 in a case; a box of 48 that opens into a display; and a 24 pack vertical box that is a gravity feed and comes two per case. Colorful Fire will be exhibiting at ASDLV, March 16-19, at booth SU2377. The show special will be a reduced wholesale price.

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