Electronic Cigarettes On A Roll

Electronic Cigarettes On RollLanMark Wholesale, a division of LanMark Alternatives LLC, is a wholesaler of electronic cigarettes, from individual components to complete kits. “Ecigs are tremendous products that help free people from their addiction to tobacco cigarettes,” states Sandy Markman, co-owner. “They are becoming enormously popular.” Electronic cigarettes have a battery, heating element, eliquid and mouthpiece. They can be automatic, where the user draws on the product without hitting a button, or manual, where the user presses a button to activate the battery. Either way, the battery heats the element and vaporizes the eliquid. “It is not a smoke, it is a vapor,” Markman stresses. “Traditional cigarette smoke is laden with toxins that the smoker inhales, and bystanders get dosed with, too. In addition, a toxic film covers nearby surfaces. With ecigs, there are no second or thirdhand exchanges. The associated costs of smoking encourage many smokers to look at alternatives, and ecigs are an economical and enjoyable choice.”

Clearomizers, coils & batteries

Electronic Cigarettes On RollLanMark Wholesale has a wide range of products, brand names and price points. The firm carries disposable and replaceable ecigs, and individual pieces and kits by manufacturers such as Joyetech, Innokin and Vision. “We have clearomizers, which hold the liquid and the heating coil, in mid-range and name brands such as Kanger and Innokin. Smok is a big manufacturer of tanks, and we carry their Trophy. It has a glass tube, which provides superior taste over acrylic tanks. We also have a large assortment of coils and atomizers. The Spinner by Vision is an excellent battery, and we have it in several sizes. We carry many types of eGo and mod-type batteries, from 350 rated milli-Ampere-hour (mAh) to 2200mAh. We also carry a full array of chargers,” Markman explains.

Made in USA eliquids

LanMark Wholesale also has a line of about 20 flavorful eliquids, which it manufactures in Bradenton, FL. “Since ejuice is the only part of the electronic cigarette you ingest, it is critical that it contain the best ingredients,” Markman notes. “Our ejuices have, at most, four ingredients: propylene glycol, a stabilizer commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries; vegetable glycerin, a natural carbohydrate that increases vapor production; flavor that comes from the flavor houses of top U.S. chefs such as LorAnn and Capella; and organic tobacco from North Carolina, when requested, in five strengths. When the FDA imposes bottling and labeling requirements, we will be ready.”

Owners kick habit

Electronic Cigarettes On RollMarkman and her business partners and friends, Cheryl Landers and Barbara Hogan, discovered electronic cigarettes three years ago. “My friends were committed smokers until they wandered into a vape shop. Once they tried electronic cigarettes, it clicked. Within two months they could breathe easier and their smoker’s cough was gone. It’s been over two years since either has touched a cigarette.” Markman, formerly in IT development, and Landers and Hogan, who worked as Code Enforcement officers for the City of Bradenton, FL, had wanted to start their own business for 15 years. Nothing seemed right until they stumbled upon electronic cigarettes. “They are amazing products that we want to share.”

LanMark Wholesale is geared to independent shop and site owners, and new businesses. “We help start-ups with their beginning inventory, and provide videos, store displays, and everything they need to set up shop,” Markman points out. “Our fair prices, hands-on customer service, fast priority shipping, and liberal return policy are especially appreciated by our customers. We have a wholesale members-only program that is easy to use. Retailers fill out an application and make an initial purchase of $400 or more to be qualified. After that, there are no minimums.”

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