ASD Independent Retailer Conference Highlight: Customer Loyalty Programs

Independent Retailer ConferenceAt the ASD Las Vegas trade show this week, Independent Retailer publisher Bill McNulty presented his thoughts and ideas on what retailers can do to boost their sales using the Buy Local Movement.

“Merging technology and old fashioned customer service is a great way to go,” said McNulty, “using a pre-packaged Customer Loyalty program, such as those offered by,, or, a busy store owner can manage electronic coupons, discounts, or a points-based awards program without having to reinvent the wheel.”

“For help with social media or email, companies like offer a great assortment of options. There are many great programs out there that can be managed without investing a lot of money, or taking up too much time.”

“Bringing your customers back into your store and treating them as a friend, offering them a discount, or points, or some other acknowledgement of their patronage, goes a long way in helping to foster your local reputation and relationships. Customer Loyalty programs can help you do that — and bring repeat customers to your door.”

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