Save With Fashion-Cent

Save With Fashion-CentFashion-Cent is confident it has the best wholesale prices in the garment and accessory business. According to Seth Duncan, national sales manager, the company has developed an innovative “sliding price scale” that discounts bulk orders of products up to 90 percent off wholesale price. “We start at 40 percent below wholesale and go all the way down to 90 percent below wholesale,” Duncan says. “We’re buying other wholesalers’ mistakes or overstocks, and passing the savings onto retailers. So the more you buy, the more you save.”

Save With Fashion-CentThese “other wholesalers’ mistakes” include a comprehensive line of women’s garments and accessories such as watches, scarves, handbags, belts, clothing, gloves and eyewear. According to Duncan, the most popular women’s products are the scarves and watches. Fashion-Cent also carries a popular selection of men’s products and gifts. “These are up-and-coming products for men,” Duncan notes. “We have wallets, business card holders, travel sets, belts and socks, and other products.”

The idea behind the company’s aggressive pricing and selection is to appeal to low-cost retailers, as well as flea market and swap meet vendors. “We are a nine year-old company that carries a large and diverse line of women’s fashions and men’s gifts,” Duncan continues. Fashion-Cent is a US-based firm, with headquarters in Grantsville, Maryland.

Ordering and pricing

Fashion-Cent products can be ordered online or by phone. Wholesale pricing is determined by quantity ordered, as follows:

No. of pieces                % off wholesale

6-12                                    35%

13-24                                  60%  

25-36                                  70%

36 +                                    90% 

This pricing is standard, and applies to all Fashion-Cent products. Shipping is not included, and there is a $75 minimum order. The company accepts PayPal and major credit cards.

Tel.: 872-829-2723