Kray-Z Closeouts Crazy Prices

Kray-Z Closeouts Crazy Prices Emad Beshara, CEO of Kray-Z Closeouts, is fairly sure of at least one thing: buyers will find his prices “crazy low.”

“We’re known for our low pricing,” he explains. “That’s why we picked the name Kray-Z Closeouts.” Founded three years ago, today Kray-Z Closeouts operates from a huge facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California, into which pours a stream of new product every day. In fact the company just signed a new deal with a major department store to take up to 10 containers weekly of overstocked items. In true Kray-Z Closeouts style, these will be made available to retailers and wholesale buyers at rock bottom prices.

Kray-Z Closeouts Crazy Prices “We have a very large facility and offer a regular supply of brand name closeouts,” Beshara says. “We get new products on a daily basis and are known for our low prices.” Kray-Z Closeouts operates in any market segment where deals can be found, whether it is apparel, jewelry, home goods, or any other market. According to Beshara, however, the company is particularly known for offering “As Seen On TV” deals. In May, for example, Kray-Z Closeouts was offering products from the “Body by Jake” line at a steep discount from regular wholesale pricing.

Ordering and pricing

Kray-Z Closeouts Crazy Prices Kray-Z Closeouts operates in a high-speed environment—product flows into the company’s 100,000-square-foot facility daily and then is shipped across the United States and around the world. Retailers looking for closeout and discount pricing can visit the company website for a sampling of some available products, including brand-name goods, or call the company.

Kray-Z Closeouts sells to both wholesalers and retailers, and there is no minimum order. “We usually try to sell larger quantities,” Behsara explains. “But if someone calls and wants 100 pieces of something, we will try to work with them.”

Kray-Z Closeouts
8855 Baker Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91370
Tel.: 844-KRAYZ-50