Ultra Hybrid Vaping Accessories & E-cigs

Ultra Hybrid Vaping Accessories & E-cigsWith no signs of slowing down, the vaping market is continuing to boom, and Ultra Hybrid has some good advice for retailers looking to establish a profitable e-cigarette business. “In this industry, repeat business is everything,” says Sam Martinez, a manager with Ultra. “You’ve got to create customer loyalty and get repeat business. Once you get loyal customers, they’ll stop by every few days or every day.”

In fact, the biggest mistake Martinez says most vaping shops make is a lack of focus on customer service and education. Because vaping is still relatively new, many consumers don’t understand the technology involved, or the many ways e-cigarettes can be configured. It is up to the retailer to provide adequate consumer education, and prevent product returns and lower margins. “There’s a lot to learn in this industry,” Martinez advises. “A lot of shops don’t have a true understanding of working with one specific customer, and don’t have that level of customer service.”

Industry leading components & designs

Ultra Hybrid Vaping Accessories & E-cigsUltra specializes in high-end vaping accessories and e-cigarettes, with a complete line that includes industry leading components and designs. The company also has hard-to-find European and Asian mods, or modified battery units, and products that make it possible for retailers to stand out from the crowd. “You need a good variety,” Martinez notes. “You’ve got to have something that nobody else has, like a few extra mods, or a nicer display case.”

According to Martinez, e-cigarette marketing is continuing to evolve quickly, as vaping technology improves. Hot products currently include mods, and in the quest for longer battery life and more control over their vaping experience, consumers are snapping up newer 650 mods, copper mods, and box mods. Some of the higher-end mods include controls like wattage control and LED displays, and can even be hooked to a computer to keep statistics. The higher end of the e-cigarette market is also continuing to improve. According to Martinez, higher end e-cigarettes are made from better materials, provide more control to users, and feature more intricate and attractive machining on components.

Ordering & pricing

Retailers can order a complete line of e-cigarettes and accessories from Ultra on the company’s website, or by telephone. US-based retailers have to provide a business license to qualify for wholesale pricing. Although it varies, the average product markup is 20% to 40% on high-end e-cigarettes and accessories.

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