Stockwell Greetings: Cards For Every Occasion

Stockwell greeting cardsStockwell Greetings wants to make it easy to run a comprehensive, profitable greeting card department. The company has spent 20 years perfecting its support for retailers of all sizes, to help them design their greeting card section, maintain inventory, and choose cards that match their demographics. “The ideal retailer for Stockwell’s card programs is any retail venue or organization that would like to offer greeting cards as either a valued social expression for its customers, or as an alternative to a gift,” says Howard Goldsmith, Director of Business Development. “By offering greeting cards, the retailer provides a convenience and added value for its customers.”

Stockwell Greeting Cards Stockwell’s lines includes cards for every occasion: birthdays, holidays, major life events like graduation and weddings, humorous cards, religious cards, and even blank cards. Despite the large selection of categories and designs, Stockwell can assist any retailer with setting up a profitable card department of any size. Retailers with very small spaces can set up a simple countertop spinning display, or a 4-foot wooden rack. Larger stores can have complete card departments of up to 28 feet.

“Stockwell provides full support to the retailer, beginning with displays, if needed, and a complete electronic pocket control setup, which can be modified for location and demographics,” Goldsmith advises. “The setups allow for easy inventory management and reordering, and include detailed setup instructions.” For whatever size retailer, Goldsmith recommends carrying birthday and seasonal cards, since birthdays especially are the “must-have” cards that sell all year long.

Ordering and pricing

Stockwell has no minimum order and no contractual requirements. All cards are sold in units of six cards and six envelopes per unit. The smaller unit size makes it easier for retailers to stock a wider selection of cards, and to purchase only what they can easily stock and sell. Stockwell can also custom design and print cards upon request, or modify existing cards to meet specific requests, including cultural or religious preferences (minimum requirements apply to custom work).

All Stockwell Greetings’ cards are designed and manufactured in the United States. For companies that order their own inventory, is a complete ecommerce website that is updated daily. Wholesale pricing ranges as low as 18 to 25 cents per card, ($1.08 to $1.50 per pack of six). Cards come with a pre-printed suggested retail price of $2.50 and $2.75, so customers will have flexibility in their pricing and discounts.

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