Teeda For Sterling Silver Jewelry

Teeda For Sterling Silver Jewelry Now is a great time to get into silver, according to Teeda Wholesale. The company sells sterling silver jewelry in 50 states and 40 countries around the world, offering a comprehensive line that includes rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, charms and more. Teeda is a leading wholesaler of sterling silver jewelry, says manager Jack Tejavanija. “We seek to add value to our customers’ businesses by being a supplier that helps  achieve the right combination of quality, price, and service,” he notes. “We always provide high quality, low pricing, and outstanding service.”

Because silver is a commodity market, it’s very sensitive to global silver prices. A few short years ago, Tejavanija explains, historically high silver prices made it hard for small jewelers to sell sterling silver jewelry. Today, however, things have changed. “We’re back to the good times,” he points out. “Once again, it makes sense for retailers to carry a wide selection of silver. Because silver is a precious metal, older buyers won’t shy away from it, and it’s at a price point that younger buyers can afford.”

Teeda For Sterling Silver Jewelry Although Teeda carries a wide selection of pieces, the most popular lines include stud earrings with cubic zirconia, a large selection of Italian chains and necklaces, and toe rings. “People sell our jewelry everywhere, including mall kiosks and beach shops, where toe rings are very popular in the summer,” Tejavanija advises. “The cubic zirconia and rhodium plated pieces are also very popular. The rhodium plating gives it a platinum finish, so it looks like a really expensive piece of platinum jewelry, at a fraction of the price.”

The key to a successful silver program, according to Tejavanija, is to take care with displays. This is true for both online and physical retailers. Over the decades that Teeda has been in business, the firm has observed retailers who know how to put together a good display. “Customers that are successful usually have a large selection,” Tejavanija states. “If they’re selling online, they’ll take care to photograph and display the product to present it in a way that makes customers want to buy. If they’re in a physical store, having adequate display supplies and lighting is super important. You want strong, bright lights, to really show off the pieces.”

Ordering and pricing

Ordering jewelry from Teeda is easily accomplished through its website. Although Teeda is a wholesaler, the company doesn’t pre-qualify buyers. The minimum order is $100, with greater discounts for volume purchasing. Most retailers sell the pieces with the traditional jewelry industry triple keystone markup, but Tejavanija says a few of his customers price lower, and instead count on high volume to make healthy profits.

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