Grow Your Own With Magic Plant

Grow Your Own With Magic PlantThere are green thumbs, and then there are people who just want to be able to grow something, anything! Magic Plant’s growing kits are for these folks. Just open and water the seeds, which are already pre-planted in a special mineral soil, and watch them grow.

The herb kit selection includes basil, rosemary, spearmint, lavender, sage, oregano, parsley, and thyme. There’s also a flower selection with everyone’s favorite blooms, from impatiens to forget-me-nots, and tree growing kits, too. The latest developments have been the seasonings, which Erez Hadad, project manager, says have taken off to the point where the company is growing 20 different varieties of peppers in two different countries, including the hottest peppers in the world, the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper and the Ghost Chili. They are hot sellers for specialty stores and gift shops in tourist destinations, available with a customized sticker that proclaims, ‘Hottest Pepper in (You Name Location).’ “The tourists just love them,” says Hadad. Peppers got hot in 2011, with a media blitz following the consumption of the world’s hottest pepper. “All of a sudden, there were millions of people interested in peppers,” Hadad explains.

Grow Your Own With Magic Plant

Hadad never stops coming up with new product ideas. Just like the famous sauce flavor, Sriracha is now offered as a powder. Magic Plant Sriracha Powder is made of freshly harvested red chilies, complimented with bold garlic, combined with dashes of vinegar, salt, and sugar to perfectly balance the company’s Sriracha Powder blend. “Our spicy Sriracha Powder seasoning brings the traditional Sriracha flavor to any of your foods. The Sriracha flavor is now packaged in a two ounce Magic Plant shaker jar,” explains Hadad. 

Lucky numbers lotto plant

Grow Your Own With Magic PlantRewind to 2006, and there was another product line brewing at Magic Plant. “We got a patent for a plant that grows with a message on the leaf,” explains Haddad. That led to some of the company’s other inventive products, such as the Lotto Plant. “People don’t believe you when you describe it,” says Hadad. You literally grow this plant just like his others, and the leaf ends up with six numbers on it, which can be used to play the lottery. Available for just $2 wholesale and selling for $5 to $7, it comes with a metal display rack with a video screen that shows you how it works, perfect for a point-of-sale display. The minimum order is 36 pieces. Other innovative product ideas include the TouchyMutchy Plant, which folds its leaves when you touch it, and the Dance With Me Plant that moves to music.

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Magic Plant does not do trade shows, and Hadad receives most of his business via word of mouth. He suggests that retailers start with 12 of each item and a wide variety to “see what sells,” as tastes vary in different markets and different parts of the country. One thing is a constant, though: Hadad’s products are unlike any others.

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