Made in USA Outdoor Products From Wilcor

Made in USA Outdoor Products From WilcorWilcor wants to make the outdoors fun. The company has been operated by the Wilcor family since 1887, and is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and distributing outdoor recreational products to independent retailers. These include campgrounds, resorts, small chains, independent shops, amusement parks, and wherever people go to have fun, according to VP of Marketing, Dennis Corrigan. “We started this company because we wanted to make products that really work,” Corrigan says. “A lot of the less expensive products break or don’t last. Our products are usually used right where they’re bought, at a campground or resort.”

Wilcor’s lineup of products includes everything an outdoor enthusiast could want, from cooking supplies to camping gear, to sporting goods, toys and automotive supplies. In addition, hundreds of Wilcor’s products are made in the USA. The company’s top selling products include marshmallow roasting sticks and mystic fire, a powder that can change a fire into different colors.

Commitment to retailers

Made in USA Outdoor Products From WilcorWilcor is happy to help retailers design an effective retail program, and choose products that are appropriate for their stores, as well as give ideas on displaying and selling products. “When we help a store choose products, we look at the location and why people are coming there,” Corrigan advises. “Is it a destination? A drive-through attraction? A river, lake, or mountain?  Do people come there to hike? The main thing we try to do is understand the dynamics of the store, and why people are going there. Then we’ll look at the store layout and help maximize their traffic flow to increase impulse sales, because impulse sales account for about 90 percent of sales.”  Wilcor can also help with ideas for displays, and provide displays in some cases. Many products are shipped in shipper displays, making it easy to set up for sale.

Ordering and pricing

Buying from Wilcor is simple. Retailers must be qualified as a business, and can buy from the company’s password-protected website or place orders by phone. Free shipping is available based on region and minimum orders:

  • Northeast region: minimum order $450
  • South and Midwest minimum $575
  • Texas and Mountain states: minimum $750
  • Far West: Minimum $900

Wilcor International
161 Drive in Road
Frankfort, NY 13340
Toll Free: 800-346-2345