Seashell Fashion Accessories

Wholesale Jewelry from ShellieShellie has a simple suggestion for customers who buy its products at the retail level: “Always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid.” It makes sense when you consider Shellie’s product line of beautifully crafted jewelry that captures the essence of the ocean. Shellie’s bracelets, bangles, necklaces, headbands, rings and other pieces are created with shells, starfish, and other marine-themed materials that bring out the inner mermaid in everyone. They are ideal products for jewelry stores, resort and gift shops, kiosks, souvenir stores, and any shop near the ocean.

The products are currently available in retail stores throughout the country. Shellie is actively looking to expand its customer base, and move into new markets with an aggressive pricing and promotion campaign aimed at making it easy for retailers. This includes offering free display cases to qualified retailers, and a 30-day-to-pay agreement on the entire product line.

Wholesale Jewelry from ShellieShellie also offers extensive co-marketing support for its retail customers. The company offers an innovative co-op advertising program, with 5 percent of a customer’s total order amount reinvested into a social media campaign, managed by Shellie and targeted at the customer’s client base. If a customer isn’t interested, Shellie allows the 5 percent to be redeemed for products. Similarly, Shellie lists all of its vendors on a store locater on its website.

Buying details

Ordering from Shellie may be done on the website or by phone. To qualify for wholesale pricing and the 30-day-to-pay finance plan, retailers must provide a business license or retail certificate, and credit references if necessary. Wholesale pricing varies depending on the product, and retailers can expect keystone markup. Shipping is not included on orders.