Zaf Group Lighters & More

Wholesale LightersEvelyn and Simon Safrani of the Zaf Group are pretty sure your customers have never seen products like theirs. Founded a decade ago, the Zaf Group launched a line of custom and unique lighters, in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. The line includes lighters that look like poker chips, gold bars, hand grenades, guns, tubes of lipstick, and many others. They are the perfect items for any retailer selling tobacco or tobacco products, including smoke shops, gas stations, convenience and novelty stores, and many others, notes VP Evelyn Safrani.

“These are great key tag items,” Safrani advises, “and very well crafted and unique. If merchandised correctly, the lighters sell themselves, and visibility is the key to selling them. They are an impulse buy, so it’s a good idea to display on the countertop next to the register, right where people can see them. They should be very visible, but not in a place where people can walk away with them.” Depending on type, the lighters come shipped in their own attractive display cases.

The Zaf Group is also excited to introduce a great new product that feeds into today’s craze for selfies. As the smartphone selfie rapidly transforms into an impromptu art form, Safrani says people are always looking for ways to take better pictures. Her answer is the monopod. This novel imported product is basically a lightweight extension arm that is designed to hold a smartphone, and extend it 3.5 feet away from the holder, making it possible to create a selfie with no visible arm, and a perfect angle for a great shot. “They make the selfie easy,” Safrani reports. “I believe this will be the product of the year.”

Wholesale LightersBuying details

The Zaf Group does not maintain a website, and products are available for order over the phone or via email. The minimum order is $100 for wholesale customers, with no qualification necessary. The Zaf Group also offers wholesale quantities for distributors, and prices for larger distributors are available on request. Lighters come in display-ready boxes, with 20 to 30 pieces per box.

Although prices vary among different styles depending on size, the average lighter wholesales for about $3.50 and sells at retail for $4.99 to $7.99. One of the most popular is the gold bar lighter, and the monopods are sold with 24 units to a display. For a complete catalog of Zaf Group products, call or contact the company. In addition to newer products like lighters and the monopod, the firm offers a complete line of cell phone accessories, novelties, holiday-theme gifts and more.