ASD Market Week Kicks Off in March

ASD MARKETWEEKIf you are looking for new merchandise, networking opportunities and expertise all in one place then ASD Market Week is the show to attend. Held in Las Vegas twice a year, ASD is your Affordable Shopping Destination for the largest variety of goods anywhere, where retailers can buy for their stores and network with vendors from all selling categories. Home to nine different shows under one roof, from C-Store to Beauty and Fragrance, Fashion and Accessories to Cash and Carry, ASD offers it all.

“Last year alone my store sold over $1 million worth of merchandise that I purchased specifically at ASD. It was by far the fastest turning and highest profit margin merchandise from any of the markets I attended,” said Bruce Leahy, of Quips ‘n’ Quotes. “I have not missed an ASD show in 10 years, it is the most important show I attend.” 

One of the leading trade shows for merchants, ASD Market Week offers buyers over 2,600 vendors to source from at each of their shows. ASD has the largest, affordable full-scale merchandise assortment in the country, making it one of the top must attend retail events. Among the many market segments supported by ASD Market Week include nine distinct categories: fashion and accessories, beauty and fragrance, gift and home, toys and novelties, cash and carry, general store, c-store and smoke.

ASD MARKETWEEK“I am very pleased with what I am finding here. I walk parts of the show that do not necessarily pertain to me, just to try and find something unique and unexpected,” said Charleen Mirkiani, of Easy Comforts Catalog. “The accessories at ASD are way better here than at MAGIC and there is just so much more to see.”

ASD Market Week has been identified several times by the Trade Show News Network – a leading destination for trade show data and more – amongst the top 20 shows in their 250 trade show list.

“My objective in coming to ASD is to find new, unique merchandise to freshen our product mix, and I have found new everything here – new products, new lines, new vendors,” said Brian Cole of  J.C. International. “I have been attending twice a year for more than twenty years.” 

ASD Market Week also provides standout education that is free to all attendees of the show. With a show committed to improving retailers unique, individual success, ASD Market Week is no doubt a must attend trade show.  ”We need what is new and different to keep people buying,” said Rich Richardson, of Best Tires for Less. “That is why we come to ASD.”

The ASD Market Week will be held on March 1 to 4 and August 2 to 5, 2015. To register as a buyer, exhibitor, or for more information on ASD, visit