How to Take out the Liquidation Middleman

By IvyLee Rosario 

B-StockFor retailers, the process of buying and selling merchandise in the liquidation market should be as simple as finding a product-specific marketplace and joining or registering in the different marketplace online forums. This may seem mundane, but it can become difficult if you do not have an experienced partner looking out for your business interests. At B-Stock Solutions, having a combined seventy-five years of auction specific marketplace experience makes them ultra-qualified to not only produce results, but also ensure the best quality for your liquidation business.

B-Stock Solutions prides itself on making sure their clients know not only what they are, but what they are not as well, which is a liquidator. The company views themselves as a software and services business that works together with their retail and manufacturing partners to help liquidate excess inventory. Although that may seem like a mouthful on the surface, the subtle difference to an outside party means a substantial difference to B-Stock Solutions.

As opposed to many traditional liquidation companies that buy and house merchandise themselves, becoming a “middle-man” in many sales transactions, B-Stock instead focuses on directly connecting their clients with the merchandise sellers. “When the buyer goes to a traditional liquidator to buy inventory, they are buying from a third party who themselves has bought the inventory from some retailer. They are buying from some middleman that has a big warehouse full of all this inventory and they are negotiating with liquidators to buy some inventory,” said Rosenberg. 

B-Stock“What happens in our world is we bring buyers access to inventory directly from retailers that they have never had before; they have never had that direct access. It is a very different experience, they are not negotiating with B-Stock on how much to pay: it is instead, ‘here is inventory from all these different companies and you have full access. We are always in long-term relationships with our clients, and it is part of being truly partnered with them that we and they have the same motivation: our goals are in line.”

How does B-Stock Solutions do all of this in such a crowded and sometimes confusing marketplace? “Probably the biggest differentiator, and what makes us stand apart, is that we are a company of marketplace veterans. Most of the core team here came from eBay. So, having that background, I think we, probably more so than others who are trying to do this, understand, appreciate and know how to formulate and execute auction strategy and marketplace management techniques that really optimize results in a marketplace,” said Howard Rosenberg, CEO. “It is really not trivial, it is not as simple as ‘well I’ll get some auction software and throw some listings up on the page and I’ll do great,’ it really does not work that way. There are a lot of analytics behind it, experience, there is some art to it – and some science.”      

In addition to creating solid partnerships with their clients, B-Stock Solutions offers options to fit the needs of each client. They operate a private branded marketplace with big retailers from whom you can buy inventory directly, or you can join in on a multi-seller marketplace,, that offers hundreds of small sellers who have a diverse array of product to sell.

B-Stock“Most of the type of help that we offer is really people based. We have a group of truly diligent and dedicated account managers who monitor and manage each of our marketplaces,” said Rosenberg. “I think it is one of the things that comes from our eBay background: the understanding that we have to build systems that are very user friendly and very intuitive on the front end from a user experience standpoint. I think we have done an excellent job of that.”

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