Ramson’s Imports: One Stop Shop For Everything

By IvyLee Rosario

Ramson's ImportsWhen it comes to general merchandise, retailers should not have to buy from several different companies just to get the products they want to sell for their store. With Ramson’s Imports, they pride themselves on having a range of products from bandanas and flags to jewelry and licensed sports products. “We cater to the needs of our customers and we have long term relationships with them,” said Nita Chabria, Co-Owner of Ramson’s Imports. “We treat all of our customers equally whether they are small or big companies. We want to grow with them.”

Ramson’s Imports was created in 1971 and started as a small-scale company importing from India. As the demand for different items increased, so did the company’s expansion. The idea of starting the company stemmed from the fact that Manu Chabria came from a large family that always worked in business. “We started small with the company and then my husband went full time with the business,” said Nita Chabria.

Ramson's ImportsAmong the array of products Ramson’s has available, their most popular selling items are flags, lapel pins, licensed products, metal signs and military items. Ramson’s buys from different companies in order to have the best selection possible for their customers. “You can find everything you need all under one roof,” said Nita Chabria. “We are a one stop shop for all your needs. We have some companies that have been with us from the very beginning, they go back as far as thirty-five years.”

There are two divisions at Ramson’s. One is for licensed sports products such as magnets, decals, license plates, flags and more and the other is for general merchandise. “We do so many different trade shows because we have a separate clientele for our products,” said Mahesh Chabria, Co-Owner of Ramson’s Imports.

For more information on Ramson’s Imports and how to start buying, visit them at booth SU3027 at ASD Market Week where they will have five booths dedicated to their licensed military items, embroidered flags and signs made in the USA. “Our goal is to provide customer service with great quality and pricing,” said Mahesh Chabria. “We focus on not just getting customers at the ASD show but getting repeat orders, getting the customer to stay with us.” Buyers may also visit their website, www.ramsonsimports.com.