Pulla Bulla: Limited Edition Fashion, Long Lasting Results

By IvyLee Rosario

Pulla BullaPulla Bulla might be new to the United States, but that does not mean they are new when it comes to the children’s clothing market. Established in 1980, Pulla Bulla started in Brazil and has now grown into a multi-million dollar company. With expansions in Europe and Latin America, the company decided to take the plunge and enter the US market just last year. “We offer a tremendously high quality product, so we felt it would benefit the consumers here in the US,” said Courtney Madigan, Office Manager for Pulla Bulla.

Carrying clothing for newborns to the tween market, Pulla Bulla guarantees unique products, which is why all of their clothes are marked as limited edition. “We produce new styles four times a year so every season it changes. All of our clothes are limited editions, so everything we sell this year is not going to be available next year, or even next season,” said Madigan. “We do not want our product line to get stale, we do not want the same products sitting around on the shelves, and we do not want to be stuck in that comfort zone. We want to continuously change and grow and meet the consumer’s needs. Styles and trends are always changing.”

Pulla BullaFrom Pea Coats and leggings, to sweatpants and graphic tees, Pulla Bulla has every clothing item you need. There are no minimum requirements to order, so customers have the option to buy piece-by-piece to fill gaps and test out new items to sell in store. “Most of our products are either 95 or 100 percent cotton, so it ensures that the items will be extremely comfortable with a great fit, as well as maintain the style and trending aspect as well,” said Madigan. Pulla Bulla also has no backordering, so you can be sure that every time an order is placed, the product is in house ready to ship out.

So what is in store for Pulla Bulla in the future? Madigan says they will be concentrating on the US market as well as keeping an eye out for new equipment so they can continue making the quality of their merchandise even better. “We are always looking to expand and grow the company and continue to improve our clothing line. Anything is possible. All of our products have their own unique style and something that makes them special.”