Gifts That Become Conversation Starters

By IvyLee Rosario

DWK CorporationPriding themselves on being unique and creative, DWK Corporation has been providing gift and home décor products for its customers since 1999. From motorcycle salt and pepper holders and coasters to lamps and wine holders, DWK is always designing new products. “We have given several of our items away as gifts and party favors,” said Dave Kim, President. “What is great about our selection is that everything is designed by us, by our own designers and sculptors. We put a lot of emphasis on our quality and keep our prices affordable so anyone can enjoy them.”

When it comes to gift items, there are a few important qualities customers will look for: price, personalization and originality. DWK is always working on new designs and hold weekly meetings to generate ideas and use feedback from customers. Some of their most popular items as gifts are their turtle lanterns, which light up automatically at night, their customizable coasters and trivets, their animal wine holders and a theme that has been increasing in popularity for the company, Angels. “There was a saturation for this in the marketplace, but for us, Angels are coming back. We are adding more to our existing line and producing more figurines,” said Kim.

DWK CorporationDWK has plans to unveil some of their newest products at the ASD show in Las Vegas, including their designed pillow covers and cushions, a series of artwork wall bottle openers with magnets that collect the bottle caps when opened, and ceramic salt and pepper holders. “We try to make our products as creative as possible and we refuse to follow others,” said Kim. “Years ago we focused only on competing with other companies and a decade ago we changed our concept for the better. It is best to be different and stand out.”

The company offers gift and home décor items for all occasions, whether birthdays, house warming parties, or holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. DWK has a commitment and promise that they continue to make quality merchandise at great pricing. “Our main motto is ‘try not to be boring,’” said Kim, “we want to entertain people with our merchandise. In our category we have a lot more room for creativity, more flexibility to do what we want with designs. Our customers really appreciate us for that.”