Unroot Your Customers Creativity

By IvyLee Rosario

UnrootedIf you are in the market to create a unique set up in your store where customers can personalize their purchases, then look no further than Unrooted. The owner, Dennis Ingwersen, came across the idea while searching through Pinterest and discovered that globe gardens were increasing in popularity. “These terrariums are unique because it gives the customer a chance to create their own gift. The personalization factor is huge. Anyone can go out and buy a globe with a plant, but here the customer can create their own, and make it specific to themselves or whomever they are planning to give the globe.”  

These displays use air plants, which are low maintenance and do not require a lot of water or sunlight to survive. These terrariums can be made unique with the addition of colored sand, rocks, shells, and moss that are offered for customers to use. Set up for these displays is quick and easy and will bring an eye-catching feature into your retail store. “We have expanded into a lot of different retail categories,” said Ingwersen. “We started out at craft shows and in kiosks and now we do gift stores and nurseries.” No matter what type of retail store you have, Unrooted can bring some life and creativity to your set up.

UnrootedIn talks for the future, Ingwersen says he hopes to not only expand his customer base but also help retailers strengthen their store from the use of these terrariums. “Many retailers are having a hard time finding something unique that sells but cannot be found in just any other store. To survive, retailers need to be able to offer something that cannot be picked off any shelf at a big box store.  They need to offer an innovative, fun experience to their customers that goes beyond just selling a product.”

Unrooted prides itself on working with their clients to meet the retailers’ specific needs as well as offering adaptable packages, setting up displays and tailoring the product selection to any retail outlet. They offer a variety of plants and globe sizes perfect for any customer looking to make their own globe garden. “This becomes a project of love for many. The customer picks out the globe they want, the sand color and then the specific plant,” said Ingwersen. “It is just like picking out a puppy, they have to pick one that calls to them.”

Unrooted’s minimum order amount is $150 and retails anywhere from $9.99 to $49.99. The company also offers packages to set up kiosks and in-store displays that start at $700 and includes all the parts you need to set up a personalized display. For more information call 888-315-1542 or visit www.unrootedplants.com