Never Get Tied Down Again

by IvyLee Rosario

U-LaceIn a world consumed by conveniences and quick results, U-Lace has revolutionized the sneaker industry with its no tie laces. Whether standing at the airport security line or just sick of your laces untying, everyone can agree that slip-on sneakers are fast and easy to put on, but no one should have to go out and buy another pair of shoes just to have that ease. With U-Lace, not only can any sneaker be turned into a slip-on pair but that shoe also turns into a customizable and original piece for the wearer. “We are the only woven product on the market,” said Tim Talley, President and CEO. “The laces should enhance the look of a shoe, not overpower it. We have 56 colors and no other product has that many. U-Lace allows consumers to take a pair of sneakers and make them their own with over 87 billion combinations of colors and patterns.”

U-LaceThe company started in 2009 after Talley had been working as a global trend spotter and wanted to put his skills into something creative that he could call his own. After spending some time in Tokyo, Talley became inspired and came back to the U.S. to create the product. U-Lace has had many accomplishments over the years, including being sold in stores all over the world, being named a hot product in 2010 by a top trend magazine in Japan, and most importantly, changing lives for its customers all over the world. “We continue to have great success but the best thing for us as a company is receiving letters from moms with kids who are autistic or have developmental issue or wounded military veterans. This product helps them be like everyone else and they can put their sneakers on themselves. U-Lace was created as a fashion item, but now it is helping change lives, and that is what we are most proud of.”

U-LaceIf interested in selling laces, the company likes to open retailers to the product with a starter kit. Their merchandising unit is laced up with real U-Lace products and comes with 120 pieces, 10 hooks with six pieces per hook. The wholesale price is $1.64 per pack and sells retail at $3.49. Retailers start out with at least 20 colors on their display. The classic black and white are top sellers, but limited edition colors are becoming increasingly popular, such as red, glow in the dark and bright blue, which has now been switched to an everyday color. “We create a retailer success guide for our clients,” said Talley. “We help them introduce the product in their store and engage with the customers. We are not just a single product company, but are building brands. The focus for us is developing new products. We are a product development company, not just a shoe lace supplier.” U-Lace plans to expand their product line into a performance version within the next year, and is working on other items related to their design platform of customized products. For more information on U-Lace call 716-848-0939 or visit