A Labor of Love: Karmin’s Creations Introduces Hand-Beaded Jewelry

By Mackenzie Hurlbert

Karmin's CreationsWhen Carmen Hoover’s position at a local bank was eliminated a month and a half ago, she had to make a decision. Since then, she has jumpstarted her own business titled Karmin’s Creations selling elegant hand-beaded jewelry.

“I have always been creative and enjoyed mixing colors and textures,” Hoover said. ”I was in banking for over 25 years, but really did not have an opportunity to be very creative vocationally.  When my position was recently eliminated, I found myself at that crossroad that provides a choice:  Take the safe, known path, or pursue passions and reinvent myself.  I chose the latter.”

Hoover has designed three different lines of jewelry including youth, casual, and elegant.  “Honestly I am just getting started,” she added. “Helping women accessorize their outfits to feel even more beautiful and to complete their ensemble is truly a joy.”

Her young adult or young at heart line features primary colors, youthful bead designs, and pastels. “I have a glass piece of colorful candy and it is surrounded by colorful beads,” said Hoover, “and while that is something that would definitely appeal to someone in the teenage, early 20′s range, I have another friend who is nearly 50 and she loves it and wants it. I have another piece in that line that I am very partial to,” she added. “It is a sterling silver dragonfly and it is done in pastel colors and it is just very simple and feminine.”

The casual and elegant lines use more mature designs and semi-precious stones. “The casual line has some agates in it and a sterling silver and abalone piece. They are the type of pieces that go really well whether you are going out shopping for the afternoon, or heading out to dinner, or going to the football game.”

Karmin's CreationsHoover also explained that her casual line could occasionally cross over into the elegant line, which is more for eveningwear. “My lines are intended to be classic, timeless pieces that easily provide those desired transitions,” she said. “The elegant line is much more evening or nice wear focused. I have got a line that is glass pearls and cubic zirconia, and sterling silver. The line tends to sparkle more but not in an obnoxious way.”

As time passes, Hoover continues to expand her lines and design new pieces. She hand-beads every piece and keeps track of the designs for future reference. “I have noticed that many women are relying on a few select pieces to round out their accessories; their go-to pieces,” she said. “With that in mind, I choose to use quality materials intended to last:  sterling silver, pewter, onyx, abalone, agates and Swarovski crystals and pearls.  The careful, and intentional, use of semi-precious materials, along with upper-end fashion jewelry materials, allows me to produce striking pieces in a more affordable price-range.”

As she prepares for an upcoming show, Hoover said she is filled with hope. “Karmin’s Creations is a labor of love. My goal is that one day the black, pink and gold of Karmin’s will be as easily recognized, and sought after, as the packaging and wares of some of today’s top designers.”