Affordable Art Is the Answer at 3DDD Pictures

by Kevin Zimmerman

3D PicturesHaving specialized in engraved stones and wooden signs for some 20 years, Brian Gennello has shifted his focus to selling stunning, striking 3-D photographs over the past four. “We have sold a lot of products over the years,” he says, “but nothing has ever done as well as these do.”

3DDD Pictures offers eye-catching photographs in a wide variety of categories, including military themes — both licensed armed forces messages and “action” shots of ships at sea, fairy illustrations, and pop culture — including Marilyn Monroe, Sons of Anarchy, and Mafia movie-montage pieces.

By far the best-selling 3D photos are in the animal and wildlife categories: close-ups of wolves and foxes, owls captured in-flight, and bears and moose caught in their natural habitat are just a few of the items available.

3D PicturesGennello notes that the company’s “Kids Korner” category also does well; products range from eye-popping T. Rex and dragon illustrations to licensed product from Marvel and Disney — Mickey Mouse, Frozen, and Cinderella among them. 3DDD also sells a line of standard photographs which, like the 3D artwork, are manufactured in Asia; the wholesaler, which also maintains two retail stores in New York state, mattes and frames the photos here. Most of the photos are priced at $24.95 and up.

Gennello notes that he also continues to sell stone and wood products. Engraved wood, flagstone, river stone, blue stone and even boulders are available with standard messages —  “Dad: A Son’s First Hero, A Daughter’s First Love” — or personalized to commemorate special occasions or even serve as memorials to pets. The store offers licensed major league sports products, ranging from team logos and framed tickets to player-signed uniforms; pricing is available by direct inquiry. 3DDD also sells sharp-looking wooden display racks, priced at $40-$100. All such products are manufactured in the U.S.

While Gennello is understandably proud of those items, the 3D photos are what have become his mainstay. “It really started to take off for us about four years ago, and keeps getting bigger and bigger,” he says. “We are extremely customer service-oriented, and offer same-day shipping in most cases. We are small enough to work with individual stores, but big enough to handle the chain stores as well.” Being such a visually appealing product, the firm’s inventory has found homes at everything from convenience stores and furniture stores to flea markets and mall kiosks. “Anywhere that people can see them, they sell,” he declares.

Similarly, 3DDD realizes a great deal of business at trade shows. “Word-of-mouth does well for us, and we have a couple of sales reps,” he remarks. “But with trade shows it is the same instinct as when people are walking at the mall and see a kiosk selling 3-D pictures. You are drawn in by impulse.”