The Best in Gems and Jewelry at the JOGS Show

By IvyLee Rosario

JOGS ShowKnown as one of the three largest gem and jewelry shows in the U.S., the JOGS International Exhibits Show is home to a collection of gem and jewelry exhibitors selling silver, gold, turquoise, diamonds, cut stones, minerals, beads, and more, ranging from across the globe from exotic locales including Mexico, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Poland, Bali, and Russia.

“We have special international exhibitors that no other show has,” says Yelena Masenko, Show Director. “Buyers will not be able to see these manufacturers anywhere else in the U.S. because they only come to JOGS. Here they will see the lowest prices and the largest stocks.”

The JOGS show will take place at the Tucson Expo Center in Tucson, Arizona from January 28-February 1, 2016 where the international pavilion exhibit is located in the south hall, and January 28-February 8, 2016 for their 12 day event. “Some of our key buyers and exhibitors cannot come for a longer stay so they can attend our shorter show and still get the best deals and opportunities,” explains Masenko.

In addition to hosting two shows in Tucson, JOGS also offers special accommodations to make their attendees feel at home. There is a daily champagne and brunch buffet that is free to buyers, shuttles available to different areas of the city, over 1,000 free parking spaces, and a free limo service to different locations for buyer use. “The expo center is a 155,000 square foot building all on one floor,” says Masenko, “our exhibitors can drive inside to unload and pack up. We have an outside international food court, Internet, free brunch inside, and even a jewelry making class.”

JOGS ShowThe JOGS show expects approximately 400 exhibitors and over 800 booths for the January show and is welcoming a massive 36,000 buyers. “Our visitors are very happy with the show and continue to share their positive feedback with us,” declares Masenko. “We are like a big family here and we want to continue to keep that feeling.” The show has seen a return rate of over 90% each year with some exhibitors attending for all 12 years the show has run.

Exhibitors are grouped according to the lines they sell in order to give buyers help in finding items they are seeking. “Being able to see these international groups is very unique,” says Masenko. “We group them all together for easy selection. Minerals are a big portion of the show so if our buyers are looking for that, then they go to that section and shop in that section. At JOGS they can find the best quality for whatever it is they need.”

In order to attend JOGS, buyers may register on site at the event or online for easy access to the newest information and to print their badges instantly. Buyers should have a business license, tax ID number, business card, resale certificate or company check or credit card in order to register. JOGS also offer deals on hotel and travel information with special airline codes and group rates available for exhibitors and buyers. For more information visit or call 213-629-3030.