The Original SelfieStick Here to Stay

by IvyLee Rosario

Selfie SticksThe selfie stick is a revolutionary product that has contributed to a popular change in the way people take photos. With the selfie craze at an all time high, this product makes it simple to capture a larger background and more people in a single smart-phone snapped photo. The original idea for this trendy product was introduced to the U.S. by TheSelfieStick Company. “We originally received two of these as gifts from people traveling abroad and we realized that this was not a product that could be found yet in the U.S.,” explains Robert Rickheeram, co-owner. “We debuted it at CES, the Consumer Electronics tradeshow in January of this 2015, and had an overwhelming response; everyone loved it.” 

The owners of TheSelfieStick pride themselves on the quality of their product compared to other similarly styled products on the market. “We never want someone to come back to us and say, ‘Hey my phone fell out of your selfie stick’ or ‘My stick broke in half,’ we don’t want those complaints about our sticks,” says Rickheeram. “We get a lot of complaints from all over the world from people who don’t have our sticks or retailers that don’t stock our items, all about knockoffs that they have purchased instead of ours. Quality is our number one priority.”

Selfie SticksTheSelfieStick company is currently seeking to branch out from its namesake product to introduce another interesting and fun piece to the market. “There is still a big boost for the selfie stick going into the holiday season, and that will continue to hold until next summer. After the holidays, we go into vacation mode,” shares Rickheeram. “Fast forward to next spring, and the selfie stick sales should stay level into next summer. We are looking into new products to debut for the future.”

If you are looking to join in the selfie stick craze, aim to work with the company that started it all and knows everything there is to know about this unique product. “We know selfie sticks inside and out. Literally, from the materials they are made out of to the extension lengths of the pole, batteries, Bluetooth chips, even the type of wiring used,” adds Rickheeram. “We know everything there is to know. Plus, we have a patent on the folding selfie sticks so we make sure retailers get the quality they deserve.”

If you’re looking to order TheSelfieStick, there is a wholesale minimum order of a dozen, but the product may also be sold in single pieces for retailers. Suggested retail price is a 50-100% markup on the wholesale pricing. For more information on ordering this trending merchandise, visit