Original Quilt Designs to Fit Any Décor

Donna SharpWhat started as a small side business making handmade quilts in the back of a carpet store has morphed into a multi-million dollar business known as Donna Sharp®. Established over 30 years ago, Sharp’s business began with her great eye for detail, making and selling quilts to the local people of her Kentucky community. As the popularity of her quilts grew, Sharp and her husband decided to sell the carpet store and put all of their finances into her new business.

The company prides themselves on several things, most notably their product quality. “Lots of companies start off on one path and then go backwards to reduce cost and quality, whether that is working with a lesser grade material or aiming to meet a lower price point,” says Tony Renfro, COO. “We are a high-end bedding supplier and we have stayed that course over the 30 years that Donna Sharp® has been in business. We have not compromised our products and that has created a strong fan base in the quilting industry, which is huge.” With quality being a staple for the business, workmanship is another key element to creating these pieces. The quilts are viewed as heirlooms, being passed down throughout generations of collectors.

Donna SharpWith themes such as nature, stars, flowers, and patchwork, Donna Sharp® merchandise is one of a kind and adds a unique feel to any home. “Lots of the time, especially with people who don’t have a knack for decorating, customers will use Donna’s quilts as the centerpiece for decorating a room,” explains Renfro. “Donna will start with one color palette and create a design specific for those colors.”

With the coming year, Donna Sharp® will focus on creating full bedding ensembles, as well as offering more unique designs and looks. The company plans to focus on a more regional appeal in design, offering beach house themes, vacation spots and lodging and woodland themes for popular camping locations. “This is a better way of playing in the market. Instead of having products that can fit everyone, we can tailor them to specific areas and what the people living in those places might be looking for design wise,” adds Renfro. While home décor makes up about 60% of the business, the company has expanded into creating detailed fabric handbags, which are also available wholesale.

To order from Donna Sharp® retailers will find a $250 minimum, with the ability to mix and match designs and products. For a close look at Donna Sharp ® designs, please visit www.donnasharp.com.