Expanding Your Customer Base with Trading Cards

by Meaghan Brophy

Presstine MarketingPresstine Marketing, Inc. is a wholesale supplier with a goal of making trading cards an accessible hobby for all consumers. Danny LoPriore, founder, has been in the trading card business for over 16 years. He began his career as a merchandiser and category manager for trading cards in retail stores. From there, LoPriore realized there was a large gap in the market “There was a need for the trading card industry to expand, to allow customers who wouldn’t normally get into trading cards due to cost, to be able to be introduced at a lower value,” explains LoPriore. “Many times as a merchandiser I’ve experienced kids who want to buy a pack, but can’t because it’s too expensive. The parents are putting the pack back on the shelf. For a storeowner and the industry, that’s a lost customer. Now, kids put the pack on the counter and it’s only $1 or $2, so the parents give it a shot.”

Presstine Marketing supplies a variety of sport and gaming cards including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering, and World of Warcraft. Presstine is able to offer a lower price as a result of their innovative purchasing and packaging process that is executed by their dedicated production and management team. Presstine’s suppliers include independent card shops, large-scale online card retailers, and master distributors who are industry leaders in their market segment.

The cards are then put through multiple departments and processes that ensure quality and a diverse assortment. LoPriore refers to this process as their “special recipe.” The end result is consistent repackaged trading card packs that offer value and variety.

Presstine MarketingFor new customers, LoPriore recommends getting an assortment of card types. “All trading cards sell well in the right markets. We encourage customers to take a little of everything, and find out what works for their store. Demographics vary greatly per individual stores. Although there may be items that are currently trending, the fact is that each store is so unique that we have something that would work for everyone. The key is finding what that is and restocking.”  Presstine is technologically equipped to handle small and large volume orders, so there is a low dollar minimum and no case minimum for orders. Customers can mix and match different types of packs to get the best assortment for their store. The wholesale price on most items is $.65 per pack and suggested retail is usually $1 – $1.25 per pack.

“Our cards are best suited for close to the counter,” explains LoPriore. “It’s an impulse item. Once the market develops, most stores create an end cap display.” Trading cards are an impulse purchase, however once they are an established item in your store, trading cards transform from just an impulse purchase to an attraction. “This is a category that when properly deigned and developed, becomes something that actually drives customers into the store,” says LoPriore. “It’s a new revenue stream that can unlock a new customer base, and allow for additional sales of other products.” Presstine Marketing has bought and sold tens of millions of cards. Customers repeat buy because they have cards dating from the 1980s all the way through this year, allowing customers to build on multiple collections simultaneously. Buying cards of all eras of all times, and mixing these eras within individual packs ensures customers will keep coming into your store for more because there will always be more to add to their collection.