Matt’s Incense: Sweet & Spicy Success

by Lisa Evans

Matt's IncenseIn business for more than 20 years, Linda Simon of Matt’s Incense knows the intricacies of the demand for oils, incense, as well as hundreds of other items in the scented products category. “Many things have changed over the years,” Simon reflects, including trends in products and scents. “People seem to be burning oil and the other products used in the oil warmers, such as the scented rocks and wax. Fragrance oils, which used to be a slower item, are now one of our best sellers.”

Some products remain evergreen, Simon notes, for example the many scents produced in incense sticks and cones. “These have been around probably for as long as history goes back,” Simon adds, “and never seem to slow down. We use our wonderful fragrance oils to manufacture our sticks and cones and that is why our customers find us and stay with us.”

Also of note, all of Matt’s Incense oils and incense cones are Made in the USA. “It is is important to keep our economy working,” Simon offers, “however, most of our incense burners and holders are made overseas as the materials that most are made from either do not grow here or would be much to costly to make in the USA. Since we are very much a global market, we feel it is important to spread the wealth.”

Matt's IncenseSimon continues, saying “it is important to know that we are helping our economy as well as the global economy. It would be very easy to import all of our products but we know that many of our customers love the ‘Made in the USA’ merchandise. As long as we can manufacture here, and use USA products and sell at a reasonable price, we will continue these practices.”

For those retailers considering a first order of scented products, Simon details the broad selection that Matt’s Incense offers. “We sell a variety of ‘starter kits’ for the beginner. These kits help retailers to know exactly which items they need to get started. We allow them to pick their own fragrances if they choose, and retailers can also make up their own starter kit.”

With a low minimum order of just $50.00, domestic and $100 for International orders, Matt’s Incense is certain their products will sell well and produce solid returns for retailers.

For questions about the products or for more information on building a customized order, retailers may call 386-446-3118 and speak to Matt or Linda. For online direct ordering, retailers may use the shopping cart at