Retail Deal: Sizzling Short-term Sales

by Lisa Evans

Stockwell GreetingsQ: What’s the deal?
A: In-store greeting card displays – fully stocked and ready for selling. These mini displays are only 1 square foot in footprint size but pack a powerhouse of sales and revenue.

Q:  How does it work?
A: Stockwell Greetings in Chicago, IL, offer a 100% Made in the USA line of greeting cards that are available in small 30-pocket cardboard displays. The attractive card designs and selection are completely customizable, and Stockwell has no contract, no minimum order, and no long term commitment requirements. A 30 pocket display holds 360 cards, with each card wholesaling for between $.21 and $.25 each, but retailing up to $2.75 each. One 30 pocket display can sell out in two weeks – that’s a $900 profit on your $90 investment in just a few weeks’ time.

Q: Can I get only one type of card, like Mother’s Day?
A: Yes! Mother’s Day cards are hugely popular and a great impulse buy. Don’t let the big retailers take all the card sales – set up a display at your store in April and get in on the action! Mother’s Day cards sell out quickly – and reorders, with no minimum, are available online at

Q: What happens after the holiday?
A: Once the holiday is over, you can recycle the display- it’s made of cardboard, or simply collapse the display and store it in your back room until the next season comes around and it’s time for more short term greeting card sales – and profits!

Q: How do I get started?
A: Visit to view the gallery of card designs and selections, as well as the many display options, call at 877-906-2211.